IGN:House of the Dead:Overkill Review

After getting a couple years of catch-up light gun games from SEGA, we're finally getting to the good stuff. The House of the Dead: Overkill blends some great gameplay with an impressive style, some great humor, and enough violence and vulgarity to confuse the hell out of soccer moms looking for a new Sims game or Petz title.
I wouldn't put the overall production value or difficulty up there with WoW's offerings just yet, but for a relaunch of the series on Wii, Overkill is off to a very nice start. A few technical hitches can be found, and it's obvious that the team had its hands full trying to get this one out the door with as much as possible, but even more polish and refinement in the future could do wonders for the series on Wii.

Buy this awesome addition to Wii's hardcore library en mass, so we can all get another dose of Dead on Wii ASAP.

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callahan093567d ago

Me too. And Samba De Amigo!

Sega (minus Sonic Team) is making a comeback! I'm loving a lot of their games lately.

blind-reaper3567d ago

Nice score for a House of the dead game... good to se some real games on the Wii.

MisterNiwa3567d ago

Bayonetta, House Of The Dead: Overkill, Ryu Ga Gotoku 3, Valkyria Chronicles (Re Release) and Mad World.

Awesomeness. :D

Product3567d ago

True Sega is making some killer games as of late.....all we need now is a 2d Sonic for digital download.

ActionBastard3567d ago

I'll be damned...I'm buying a Wii game.

Maxned3566d ago

Its a rent for me. Not much to do.

nintendojunkie283566d ago

I'm gettin' overkill as well...seems this is goin' to be a great year for the wii...tons of titles I'm interested in.I picked up tenchu:shadow assassins the other day and it's pretty freakin' reminds me of the tenchus of old...however the voice acting is terrible..but funny:)

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Mahr3567d ago

A while back, one of my friends asked me if there was or were going be any Wii games involving shotguns. I directed him to the Overkill trailer, and he responded by saying "Sold!"

I did a good thing.

Shoko3567d ago

Lol, watch a fanboy say "finally a good Wii game", although it'll be like their 25th time saying that. Another HARDCORE, good game on the Wii. Way to kick off 2009.

lokiroo4203567d ago

since you like spewing crap directed at nobody, care to list the "hardcore" games?
Tip: Mario is not hardcore. Fun but not hardcore.

Smacktard3567d ago

I agree with you, but what games DO you consider hardcore? And don't respond with, "Any games with guns and regenerating health!"

Product3567d ago

I think a Mario game could be a "core" title if you're into Mario games.Although hell i think Megaman games are more hardcore then most shooters nowadays if you're talking about challenge.Its all how you look at games.

Alot of core titles and mature themed games are coming this year though to wii which is a good thing no matter how you spin it.

Shoko3567d ago

Hmm, let's see here:

Metroid Prime 3
No More Heroes
CoD: WaW
Tenchu 4
Fatal Frame 4
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
Twilight Princess
Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
Disaster Day of Crisis

And many more.
It's funny how people think the Wii has no hardcore games. It's just that the casual ones get advertised the most. Before you judge a system, look up things about it.

Nugan3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Wait, Mario isn't hardcore?

Listen, this hardcore/casual distinction is incredibly subjective and, frankly, stupid to begin with, but when it denies a franchise that has been around for two decades and five consoles without any major dip in quality, that many gamers (myself included) were basically raised on and that is consistently demanding with brilliant level design the "hardcore" label, then what the hell is hardcore? How Super Mario Galaxy, presently one of the best reviewed games (of all time, not just this generation), not "hardcore?"

Nugan3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Edit: Sorry, double-post

Product3567d ago

you posted twice lol

Although ill agree with you...its all subjective thats why "hardcore" should really be "mature" themed instead.Mario Galaxy is a core title,Mario Golf....thats a different story.

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panasonic233567d ago

lol at people saying wii is not hardcore.

3sq3567d ago

One or two games don't make Wii hardcore. It's a freaking toy. (I hate to admit it but it's the truth)

Product3567d ago

i really wish the white handgun that came with the pre-order from Australia was available here though,that light gun is BA.
Im really excited for this game though because im a big lightgun fan and this is a nice reinvention of the HotD series.

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