'DC Universe Online' Developer Not Sure If PS3, PC Gamers Could Happily Co-Exist

Tracey John of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"The developers of "DC Universe Online" told me that gameplay balance or technical issues wouldn't be the largest problem holding back PS3-PC compatibility - it's the different way that PS3 gamers and PC players communicate with each other."

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MasFlowKiller3546d ago

I know am getting the PS3 Version, mean if its free, i hope they dont do a monthly charge

Tony P3546d ago

This is SOE. All signs point to play-to-pay.

PixlSheX3546d ago

Are both versions being released the same day?

Oh, and i DON'T want to co-exist with PC gamers (lag?). There should be a PC server and a PS3 server.

Jinxstar3546d ago

It's a tough call. I mean without mods the PS3 version could be gimped adding severe issues with balance. However who knows a controller may be a huge advantage... No idea how this game will play out. I hope they have a good Ventrillo type server though for Voip

Blaze9293546d ago

Has he heard of Unreal Tournament 3? Doesnt that have pc-ps3 integration?

Anyway I'm excited for this game and cant wait....if its free. if theres a monthly charge then...pass

Jinxstar3546d ago

@ blaze

No it doesn't. They thought about it but the games run at different speeds. Like 2 frames per second but that could cause issues from what i understand. That and the "unfairness" of mouse/key vs controllers. Mods were good in UT3 for PS3 though. Hopefully DCU has an easy interface for them...

evrfighter3546d ago

thats funny considering ps2,360, and pc gamers co-exist on ffxi...

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Jamegohanssj53546d ago

Just please release it already. I am getting impatient.


Liquid Snake3546d ago

I will be playing the PS3 versions of The Agency and DCU as it saves me from getting a new graphics card.

eagle213546d ago

And hopefully we might see more Agency at GDC. :)

TheColbertinator3546d ago


You won't need amazing graphics cards to play MMOs

Liquid Snake3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

@ Steven, I got a 7600 GS.

It will cost me 350-500 (AUSD) bucks here in Aus to get a good graphics card.

Now let me hear you say ouch. :P

Shaka2K63546d ago

Answer = The All so ugly Xbug 3rd60 Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

HDgamer3546d ago

Because I want to lie down and play the game with a controller.

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