Resident Evil 5 Hate, Really?

From the article,

"Dear IdlePixels, my name is Chris Redfield. I'm 185 cm tall and I weigh in at approximately 98 kg. As the steroidal B.S.A.A. badass that I am, I shoot as well as uppercut zombies (not really) through doors in broad daylight. I'm also a tank, a walking turret, one with an inability to 'run-and-gun'. Four years ago I was atop the gaming scene under another name and face, Leon Kennedy, but while I have for the most part remained the same, a lot of gamers seem to have changed their opinions about me. A large percentage of my audience has grown to see me and my controls as broken and completely outdated. But am I really that much of a 'last-gen' mess?"

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borgome3594d ago

All the NOOBS complaining about the controls and just a bunch of bandwagon jumpers who never played RE4. If they change the controls it wouldn't be a Resident Evil game.

panasonic233594d ago

i love the demo the controls are fine.

rucky3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Played RE4 and thought it was good back when I played it on my GC and PS2. Difference is everybody loved RE4 cause the series evolved from a third person adventure game with shooting elements to an over-the-shoulder third person shooter which back then was one of it's kind.

Now you got a whole bunch of third person games that actually perfected the what RE4 did (ex. Gears of War, Dead Space). Now RE5 just feels frustrating... frustrating in way that you say to yourself "Why couldn't they just added that?". Honestly just being able to move while aiming would've did it for me. So yeah I don't like it so bite me.

YouNoob3594d ago

the problem isnt the game or its controls, its all those NOOBS who havent been gaming for very long.

its all a bit too difficult for them, so instead of trying to master THE LEARNING CURVE, they diss the game.

If played right, the controls are as fluid as they come. Comment #2 actually is spot on when he said: "
Controls are more then fine with me, its typical Resident Evil, and I'm fine with that. I want to play Resident Evil, not another game."

but I admit that NOOBS are better off with something generic like killzone2, where run&gun (NOOBSPLAY) is all you can do.

Gun_Senshi3594d ago

its the new trend in video games. HATE!

Hate RE5 for keeping perfectly to a tried and tested formula of RE4.

Controls of RE5 work fine. They worked in RE4 they work fine in RE5.

The NO run and gun is a good feature. Run and gun games are annoying and unrealistic. Look at Call of Duty. In COD2, Try running and gunning in an online match. You end up DEAD, hitting only air. Try run and gunning in Day of Defeat. Try using a machine gun from hip. You end up hitting the air.

Nowdays games are getting more easy and noobified. COD4 I got 2.5 k/d ratio. Most of the time you can go with HEAVY Machine gun, juggernoob and spray without even aiming. Weapons are too accurate, nearly zero recoil, nearly no spread. More noobish run and gun that people call "next gen" are flagship shooters of both X360 and PS3, Halo and Resistance. When playing online on MGO, spraying and running gets you killed. Bullets at body do not do alot of damage, but headshot instance kill. COD4, Assault Rifles you needed 2 headshots for a kill (try it)

On COD:[email protected], Why bother using bolt action rifles? Everyone just goes running and spraying with Thompson. I just use Bolt Action Rifles due to the feel, but if I get pissed off from dieing I go Machine Gun + Juggernaut and spray.

In these times where alot of games are too shallow spraying noob feasst. I welcome an HD version (But in Africa) of Resident Evil 4. I loved that game, and I will love RE5. I already love the demo and always playing it Co-Op online. Why bother fixing something that is not broken.

What exactly makes a game next gen too? Gears is next gen? Well Wingback and Kill.switch play perfectly the same. Its last gen lets hate it!!! Call Of Duty 4+ was made worse then COD1 and 2 yet you call it Next gen? Its not even Last gen in terms of gameplay feel (We are not talking about graphics). Even Medal Of Honour: Allied Assault beats COD4 and [email protected] in gameplay department.

Resident Evil 4 was fine. Its still hailed as one of the best games ever made. Whats wrong on keeping true to that formula? It worked fine then, it works fine now. Don't call it Evolution crap. The only thing in PS3 and X360 evolved are graphics only. Not controls, not how you interact with the game, not even how is the game (We can all agree that top games are all a thing from the past).

I will buy RE5, or RE4 HD: Africa Edition, 1st day. I loved RE4 and I will love RE5. If you headshot the zombies there seem to be a connection between RE4 and RE5. Controls are more then fine with me, its typical Resident Evil, and I'm fine with that. I want to play Resident Evil, not another game.

PS. As some of you people say, I am not buying RE5 because I have no games to buy. I am buying SF IV and Killzone 2 1st day too. Its because I am a GAMER.