PS3 to eventually upscale PS1 and PS2 games to 1080i and 720p ?

Rumor Reporter gives a sneak peek at some of the rumors concerning Phil Harrison's speech at GDC next week.

This includes an emulator/firmware update for the PS3 BC and further down the line enhance PS1 and PS2 games into 1080i and 720p.

I would like to remind that this is a rumor, and needs to be taken as just that too. Next weeks GDC may shead some more light on this rumor.

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timmyp534249d ago

when i beat final fantasy 12 i want to see how shadow of collusess looks on the PS3 ..yep

THWIP4249d ago

So, we'll get to see the PS1/PS2 jaggies, in ultimate clarity.....yay!! :D

Torch4249d ago

My big screen hungrily awaits!

GaMr-4249d ago

3.....2....1 Let the spinnin begin

ohh wait TWHIP I apologize. You already started it.

THWIP4249d ago

...just stated the obvious. You can't take a PS1 game, and make it look miraculously better by upscaling to anything, it will look worse, in some ways. Hell, a lot of XBOX games look like crap on my Sony Wega 55"...and they're upscaled, and only a generation (or less) behind the 360, in graphical quality.

Torch4249d ago

Perhaps you didn't hook your system up properly.

What you need is a good set of rabbit ears, I tell ya.

Crystal-clear reception every time!

(awww,'re welcome!)

Funky Town_TX4249d ago

I know with the 360's limited BC the games are upscaled, but nothing to write home about. The textures and poly counts are still low. Now if Sony would just scale PS3 games, and do 720p/1080i for Blu-ray over component. That would be a kick a$$ update.

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The story is too old to be commented.