Tomb Raider DLC: Developer Interview

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"Today we sit down with Steve Goodale, Creative Director, Design at Crystal Dynamics. The interview is based around the forthcoming Tomb Raider DLC for Xbox Live.

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ftwps33812d ago

Sorry with
Halo DLC
Fallout DLC
and games like KZ2

I think this is going to get the passover for most players.

xbox360achievements3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

L4D DLC is months away.
Halo DLC is over a month away.
Fallout DLC is actually about a month away now (it slipped according to Todd Howard)
and Killzone is 3 weeks away.

Tomb Raider DLC comes out next week. It's only competition is FEAR 2. I think more people will get it than you think. Especially seeing as its the calm before the storm.