110°'s Killzone 2 Demo Hands-On Impressions "We've played through the Killzone 2 demo seven times in the last couple of hours and in that time we've gone through a journey from unruly scepticism to admiration. If you've only played the demo once and have come away from those short few minutes of gameplay with a sour taste we urge you to replay a few times. This game takes time to "click". At least it did with us.

Initially installing the demo with wavering excitement we were aghast with the opening cutscene and alarmed with the controls. Call Of Duty 4 this ain't. Never has an endorsement carried so much weight. We'd heard it from numerous press sources but we finally understood it within seconds of our first enemy encounter. Aiming felt somewhat clunky as we sprayed our bullets Resistance style landing zero Helghast hits. The enemies flanked us and we were down.

Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves down we held ourselves as far back as we could and patiently picked off the enemies. Rewardingly greeted by the screams of the enemy we witnessed the hit response system for the first time and couldn't help but grin. With our first playthrough of the relatively short demo (approximately 15 minutes) over we came away from it somewhat bewildered for a reason we couldn't quite contextualise.

So we played through again. And again. And again. Until the time of writing at which we've played through the demo sequence seven times. Guess who loves Killzone 2 now?"

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DK_Kithuni_713543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Once you get the controls right (standard 2 and zoom-hold unchecked did the trick for me) and have played the demo a few times Killzone 2 feels like.. well, nothing I haver ever played before. Games like Call of Duty and Resistance 2 do not even come close. I simply love Killzone 2. Gonna be a blast when I recieve my pre-ordered copy.


get2sammyb3543d ago

Once you get over that initial brickwall that you have "change" ahead of you the game opens up. It's just fantastic. I've never known a game that rewards you so much for killing the enemy. The way the gun forces them to judder and flap around the screen is fantastic.

rroded3543d ago

almost done dl/ing n cant wait for my 15 mins :D

cayal3543d ago

I downloaded from EU store and left my PS3 on I am at work all day. God I can't wait.

badz1493543d ago

damn...I should've done the same thing before I went to work this morning! now I have to wait for tonight to download it and it will take quite sometime considering my slow connection especially at night!! arghh...why do I have to forget simple thing like this??

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resistance1003543d ago

Love the demo so much.

It did take a couple of plays to get the controls spot on, however once they clicked in, the demo was outstanding.

thebudgetgamer3543d ago

but once you get it you got it. and its awesome


Vulcan Raven3543d ago

Yeah once i got a feel for the controls it was an awesome experience. My one gripe, is that when in cover the gun looks like pixelated junk.

Lich1203543d ago

I was surprised, the game actually looked better than I expected. However was it just me or was it damn near impossible to aim well. I played through 3 times and while I can easily not die I feel like multiplayer might get frustrating with the delayed look push.

I just say because I was hoping maybe that I would get into this games multi competitively but it was just a bit off for me. Not knocking really because in a way it adds to the intensity of the single player, but I fear that may be as far as Im able to truly get into it.

villevalorox3543d ago

yeah its really amazing. thought it would have been longer though :( but ohwell i have played through it liek 5 times. :P its great!

jtmill073543d ago

I just went to preorder and get my demo key. Now i just need to get off from work. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN can't wait!!!!!! >_<

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3543d ago

If that was 60%(???)of PS3's Power then OMG!!!
What is coming in 2010/11/12/13... ;-P ;-P ;-P

NegativeCreep4273543d ago

I know whats coming in 2010: The obsolescents of the Xbox 360 (But who knows? It may just come this year).

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3543d ago

I can't go back to...the xBox 360 now, it's soooooo 1980's er erm!!! ;-D
Just played it again and it was even better!!! ;-P

@Helghast Slayer ;) Below -
Yeah everytime i play it there is something i see or do that makes me go 'OMG, WOW!!!' ;) Didn't want it to end :-(

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