Massively: The Daily Grind: Should you be able to change the game?

Massively writes:

"Major news came out last night that the Goonfleet had invaded Band of Brothers (BoB) in EVE Online, essentially hijacked leadership, and destroyed their network of affiliated Corps. To those of you who don't play EVE, this may not seem like such a great big thing, but what many fail to realize is that this action has repercussions that will be felt all the way down into the market at Jita, as the price on Tech II items may potentially spike. The changes that took place last night are on a sweeping scale, indicating just how different a game EVE Online is from say, World of Warcraft. There is truly no real approximation in WoW to explain just how wide and deeply this action will be felt - nor what kind of fuel this will throw on the fire between BoB and the Goons."

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