10 sci-fi gadgets that could soon become real

Yahoo Tech writes, "Beam us up, Mr. Scott?

Eh, not quite. If teleportation ever becomes a reality, it won't likely be in our lifetime... but that doesn't mean that some of science fiction's most sacred gizmos aren't well underway toward development and commercialization in real life. In fact, in many cases, these devices could be closer to reality than you think.

New Scientist magazine rounded up ten sci-fi-tech gadgets and takes a serious look at how far along their real-world counterparts are. While in some cases we're looking at 30 years of additional development before this stuff becomes real, all of the devices look surprisingly promising."

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Sibs3540d ago

I count 5 gadgets listed... someone made an uh oh when naming their article when they wrote it, lol.

Voozi3540d ago

@ the bottom of the article it says

"Five more on New Scientist's website -- underwater breathers, personal spacecraft, real-time language translators, and more! Go check them all out here!"

lol, easy to miss