New Shadowrun Trailer

Xbox 360 Trailer Of Shadowrun. Different creatures and races show up to do battle in the online realm of virtual warfare and they're all aiming for you. For a HD version click the video link under the embedded video.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4249d ago

I'm realy looking forward to this game.

highps34249d ago

This game is lame...

When they nerfed the PC controls it made this game pointless. PASS

I rather play UT or even Huxley this game looks like garbage and i dont know any PC guy who is going to take hit to his aiming % just for turning around to fast...

sparco4249d ago

The vid is pretty sh*te to be honest, but the game, well i can fu**in wait to be playin this on ma PC. Anyone know if we can unlock achievements on the PC version? Cos if not then i might have to buy the 360 version instead.