Big Download: The 20 Most Influential PC Games: 10-1

Big Download writes:

"On Wednesday we began our series of the most influential PC games of all time by going through our choices for the 20-11 spots. Today the gloves come off as we reveal our picks for the top 10 PC games that have been the biggest influences on the industry as a whole.

Our list of games in the top 10 includes three first person shooters, an RTS game, a turn-based strategy game, a action-RPG, a RPG-MMO combo franchise and a game that has become the best selling PC title of all time. We know all of you reading this most likely have your own ideas about what games should be on the list and in what position and we want to hear what you think. So, make sure you put in your two cents in the comments."

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Ghoul4242d ago


very refreshing to see a good article these days, the list is spot on.
sure you can argue about the rankings but theyre mainly all in there

ChampIDC4242d ago

Yay for lists that can't cause flame wars!

Doom would have been at the top of my list as well.

solar4242d ago

and we all know why :D

i wouldve definitely put HL higher on the list.

ChampIDC4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Crap, double post >.<

Well, might as well add something. I expected Half-Life to be higher on the list, but I suppose the games above it were also giants in their own rights.

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