Blu-ray gains edge over rival HD-DVD

In a significant development, current sales figures for Blu-ray and HD-DVD appear slightly in favour of Sony's format, with Blu-ray shifting 100 units to every 98.71 HD-DVDs according to data from Nielsen VideoScan First Alert, reported in Home Media Magazine.

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uxo224433d ago

The thing that scares me about the blu-Ray issue is the fact that it is owned and controlled by Sony. They are one of the biggest movie/music houses in the world. And if Blu-Ray wins out, they will control the format, content, and rights which can and eventually spell monopoly/doom for the consumer. You think blu-ray movies are expensive now, let sony win the format war and things will really get interesting.

Imagine if you will when Sony decides that certain content, or products are not allow to use the blu-ray format. (Censorship) There are going to be products out there that some of use are going to want, and will not be able to get because sony won't permit it.

This isn't about the xbox360 vs the PS3, it's about us as consumers getting bent over and bang with a big hard, corporate wiener!

MikeMichaels4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )


Philips is clearly the label on that BR disk. Only people wth an anti Sony agenda don't seem to understand that it's not just Sony behind the format. It's more or less the whole industry.

It could be said that the only reason MS is behind HD-DVD (and pushing players to it's 360 users) is to cause as long as a format war as possible. So it has time to get some kinda of digital distribution system online and running.

......and using 360 users as pawns in their little game.

But to say that would be just wrong ;)

HokieFan4433d ago

That was hilarious! :)

I really don't understand what Microsoft would gain from a prolonged format distrobution is probably the way of the future no matter what, but it's a long way off. Microsoft has plenty of time to get the groundwork in place before enough people have the bandwidth to download 10 GB HD movies.

I would sooner guess that Microsoft is supporting HD DVD for other reasons...such as:
1. HD DVD is more likely to use their codec to encode movies, thus bringing them more money.
2. One of their main competitors in the video game industry helped develop and strongly supports why wouldn't they support the rival? If Blu-ray fails, it's a big hit to the PS3, thus benefiting Microsoft.
3. The inferior encryption on HD DVD's makes it easier to use on computers, which would allow people to do more with their HD DVDs like burning and streaming them from their computer throughout the house.

MikeMichaels4433d ago

...i'm pretty sure the real answer lies somewhere in the middle of both our theory's.


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R34GTR4433d ago

Like Microsoft and Windows. Bro their will always be a choice. The only way you will be

" bent over and bang with a big hard, corporate wiener!"

Is if you try to be like everyone else. Windows is pretty mainstream. People still buy Mac hell you have people that even use linux. Im sure HD-DVD will not completely die out. You will still also have Digital Distrubution and Such. Monopolizing is only done when the consumer buys into it.