PS3 Blog: Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

Okay, PS3 Blog just played through the Killzone 2 demo. It's a very short experience. They died 5 times and had to redo parts, and it still took them less than 15 minutes. But it gave them a good impression of the game, and that's what a demo is all about, eh?

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Lucreto3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I don't agree with the article.

There are only two menus at start up and the jerky screen is a good effect just like using a old small computer on the front line.

I didn't see people complain when the pit boy in Fallout did the same.

The contols are good but I wish I could assign the controls myself. I an used to Resistance 2 and I want to change it to something similar.

I died so many times by dropping a granade at my feet when I was aiming. L1 in Resistance 2 is aim and I need to get used to it.

San Frandisco3543d ago

the demo ie EXTREAMLY badass but extreamly short too... and just like you mentioned,the controls are pretty awesome but they wont allow you to assign to buttons myself,as i hate using r3 to zoom and L2 to crouch.
but all i good,im sure (or prey) that they will implement this into the final game's release.

oh and they died FIVE TIMES? are you kidding me? the demo is sooooo freaking easy,i didnt even die once even while i was just stareing at the badass graphics or trying to get used to the controls.

anywho the demo is a strait 10/10 for me :)

jump out and play beyond!

disrupt3r3543d ago

Guys.. you know you can change the button layout in options right. Alternate 2 is the best IMO.

I finished the demo about 12-13 times now. it gets better every time you play it. When you explode your first helghast head using the single shot assault rifle, its a special moment :).

whoelse3543d ago

From what it sounds (mines still downloading after 4 hours), this demo does the job at leaving you wanting a lot more!

Ghoul3543d ago

pick alternate 2 control sheme and L1 is aiming again.

*There are only two menus at start up and the jerky screen is a good effect just like using a old small computer on the front line.*

try to tilt the controller its sixaxis anabled very cool gimmick :)

Max Power3543d ago

yeah i notice that you can manipulate the screen with the six axis, pretty cool. As soon as the screen came up i changed the controller scheme too Alt 2, didn't die once.

mugoldeneagle033543d ago

1) People are complaining that it's short, when it was in Sony/Guerilla's best interest to give the Public the shortest demo possible. You give people more, they want less and sales will suffer.

2) Control Scheme - Which I honestly didn't think was terrible. L1's melee and R3's Scope could be switched around, but I could definetly get used to it after a few hours into the campaign.

3) Dieing - Maybe people are just too used to COD, Resistance, or Socom, but I thought the difficult was fine. In fact I ''Run and Gun'' pretty much the whole time and didn't die once. When the time comes to play on a higer difficult setting I'll probably use the barracades more.

All in all the demo was perfect. It got me more excited for the game now that I've played it (I wasn't in the Beta) and I'll definetly be showing this demo off to my non-PlayStation 3 owners.

Killzone 2 FTW

DK_Kithuni_713543d ago

Once you get the controls right (standard 2 and zoom-hold unchecked did the trick for me) and have played the demo a few times Killzone 2 feels like.. well, nothing I haver ever played before. Games like Call of Duty and Resistance 2 do not even come close. I simply love Killzone 2. Gonna be a blast when I recieve my pre-ordered copy.


stevenhiggster3543d ago

I loved it, it did take a few minutes to get used to the movement but it feels really good once you get used to it. As for the controls, I at first wanted to change it but then I realised that a COD system wouldn't work because of the cover system, you couldn't possibly hold crouch and look around with the same thumb! So I say they got it spot on, and if they had copied COD then this dude would probably just be complaining that they had copied COD!! Some people are never happy. As they say, 'you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time'.

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Mr PS33543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Gonna Get a Few who aint impressed and did'nt like
And there is nothing wrong with the controls
change to alternate 2 and its the same as COD4

Xbox Street Gang3543d ago

True. That happens to any game trying to be diffrent, but I'm going to play the demo for the 4th time in 2 hours. Controls take some getting used to- like RE5, but not that bad.

redsquad3543d ago

I've seen a lot of people on the KZ2 forum complaining about the 'laggy' right stick and some have even started a petition to get it "changed".....

Haven't they read or seen a single article about this game? It's SUPPOSED to be weighty and realistic, not a twitchy clone of everything that's gone before. Change it and it won't be KILLZONE...
Me, I loved it - I felt like I was controling a MAN and not a gun on wheels.

Xbox Street Gang3543d ago

I agree. It is what makes Killzone a little different. This is the best simulation of war, period. My heart was beating the first time they crased landed....

Kleptic3543d ago

I personally loved the menus...the way they jolt a little with every input is something different...not to mention the AWESOME load screens that you manipulate with the sixaxis...that sounds sarcastic, but its actually pretty cool imo...

I simply don't get people that say 'all that movement gives me a headache'...what the hell are you playing video games for then?...

only thing I did notice on occasion is a bizarre reload priority...numerous times I would tap square only to have nothing happen...and apparently its related to in, you won't reload until you stop zooming down the sights, if you have zoom on hold...not broken, just strange to me...

but can be 'used' to them all you want...if these visuals do not impress you...nothing this generation will...they simply are not going to get better than killzone 2 any time soon...

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nos4speed3543d ago

Demo was short but oh so sweet. Even the little snippet were given is so immersive, Im really looking forward to playing through the full game and who isnt looking forward to being a sniper online? XD

ConMan3543d ago

Do i need some code to play the killzone demo?????

Conan9973543d ago

its on the UK/EU store right now.

search google for how to make a uk psn account

Frood3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

how did he die 5 times? i played it twice and never died! I'm crap at fps on the ps3! Found a saitek controller where you can swap the d pad and left stick over that might work for me cause i can't stand the ps3 one (here comes the grief lol). Then i might buy this game.

TheTwelve3543d ago

This is the same guy who claimed LBP was sucky because it was too hard for him(he said the controls sucked, but...ah, let's not get into that debate)---no surprise that he died 5 times. I'm afraid his videogame skills aren't what you call the greatest. But hey, at least he's being honest.


mephman3543d ago

I thought the same thing. If you die in that demo, you're doing something seriously wrong.

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