GoNintendo – Why Sony Customer Service sucks: A Jezter's Tale.

GoNintendo writes: "I love my PS3.

Or rather, I LOVED my PS3. And everyone around me knows this.

Even limited to the past handful of weeks, we've seen numerous stories, about how wonderful Nintendo's Customer Service can be, even in the most unlikely of scenarios. After today's living nightmare, I fully understand as a gamer, why my primary loyalty remains Nintendo, and I'm sure that also rings true for many of our visitors, obviously.

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jamesrocks31473567d ago

my ps3 broke a few months ago unfortantly so i rang sony within 2days they deliverd me a brand new 60GB ps3 and all i did was hand my old ps3 just the ps3 nothing else to the delivery guy and that was it, a ps3 just like that! and its warrenty had ran out was out by about 3 months i also no 2 other people who had the same thing happen to them, not sayin ps3 is unreliable ere not as bad as xbox 360, but i was amazzed by the service nd the fact i didnt have 2 pay anything and my warranty had ran out. i read the same storys on fourms on the internet

you dont have 2 wait 4 weeks then u get it "repaired" after payin 80 quid then it doesnt work nd u send it off again then u eventally get a new one.... xbox 360........ sonys quality. microsoft sucks are hardware

DADO3567d ago

I got a 60GB PS3 at launch. A few week later it would not load the disks any more. I was making a popping noise. Called Sony. Two days later ups deliver a box so i could ship it back to them. About a week later i got my ps3 back. Has not stopped working since than. Over two years now and no problems.

juls10663567d ago

Mine got a blinking red light and would'nt start up in june last year and was out of warranty too. Same story, rang up, next day new 60g delivered and the guy took the broken one away. I was really impressed, no argueing from sony.

Sayai jin3567d ago

That sucks about your PS3. My PS3 died when I first got it. It took Sony Customer Service 2 months to get me a new console. Do I think their customer service is bad. No, I may have been a isolated case. I actually just told them to keep it and I went out and brought a new one. I have not dealt with Nintendo customer service before and neither with MS. My 360 and Wii are launch systems and still working. BTW, the manager at the store felt bad about my ordeal with the PS3 and sold me one at 20% less the cost.

SaiyanFury3566d ago

I got a near launch PS3, and about 3 months later the BD drive stopped functioning. I phoned up Sony and they sent me a box and shipping label to ship it back to them. A few days later had a replacement 60GB system that's still going strong. Simple and painless. More than I can say for a lot of companies out there. Perhaps this individual had a bad personal experience, for that I can understand his disdain for Sony. But from my experience, it was nearly painless.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3567d ago

LOL,try again buddy,we can smell your bias from a Galaxy away

N2NOther3566d ago

Did you read the article? He has a perfectly valid reason for his bias...Sony has some terrible customer service...If every little peg falls in line, they're great, but anything else? You're screwed.

I'm surprised they don't ask if your fingers are licensed by Sony.

SupaPlaya3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

We know you love Cooking Mama.


Chicken Shoot: A Jezter's Tale.


Luckily I haven't had the need to call CS @ Sony so can't comment on if they are good or bad.

P.S. I like the Wii and Mario Galaxy is amazing.
Speaking of customer service I had to call American Express the other day and they have outstanding customer service. I even called them back and spoke to a manager about it.

iM_PuLsE3567d ago

Hmm sounds weird, I remember my Ps3 died on me a few months back after a corrupted update and the people over and Customer service were friendly and polite, within a few days i had the prepaid box and sent it in, the whole process took two weeks and i payed nothing. It all depends on the situation at times, but just because of one incident does it mean the whole section of the CS is bad lol..

Dark_Overlord3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

within 24 hours Sony replaced it

EDIT after reading the article all I can say its a biased POS, talks sh1t about the PS3 then goes on about how Nintendo will literally suck your d1ck and they're great. If he didn't include that last bit about how great everything with Nintendo on is I may have believed what he had to say, but now I just think its a pile of crap.

Voiceofreason3567d ago

I've had good and bad CS with Sony in the past. I don't find them any more evil than other companies. However I see nothing wrong with a person pointing out what they feel was a better experience. The worst CS ever is AOL.

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