Mass Effect demo at GDC

BioWare has confirmed to Eurogamer it will be showing demos of Mass Effect at next week's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Both Microsoft and BioWare remain tight-lipped on what we'll see and whether it will be playable, but news of the showing follows recent heightened activity as the game enters its final development push.

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DC RID3R4432d ago

can't wait for this one!!!!

ever since I d/l'd the mass effect "walkthrough" months back on live, I've been mad hyped for this game. It looks sick-as-fu*k, and i'm sure it's gonna be a MONSTA.


SuperSaiyan44432d ago

One of the key reasons on owning an Xbox 360 in the first place is for top quality games especially RPG's which the Xbox 360 is well known for. Waiting on tons of RPG's all of which are this year! WOOT!!

I really hope they release a demo cos I could sure do with a bit of quality time with MA hehehe

candystop4432d ago

I really do hope they show some demo's of this game in action at GDC! This game should rock and I hope the size of the galaxy is really massive and we get a release by summer at least! Sony and MS are going to wow all of us come this GDC!

power0919994432d ago

I am rather excited to see this game released.

Hopefully this article is pointing at a playable demo in the near future.

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