Why Does It Take Microsoft 6 Weeks (And Counting) To Send A Mailer For An XBOX?

Poor guy. A blogger calling himself Saruman has been waiting for Microsoft to ship him a box for his broken XBox for 6 weeks. Just the box. So he can mail it in for repair.

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ccApp4251d ago

It took only 3 days to get mine.

marionz4250d ago

for posting such trash, its a blogger! who cares! i can make up stupid storys too and it doesdnt make it news!

Icryo4251d ago

Isn't Microsoft terrible? ONE person has had this dreadful problem and it's all doom and gloom. Shame on you Microsoft, you'll just have to give up on the 360 now. (note the sarcasm)

DonSqueak4250d ago

Putting a note about the sarcasm at the end of your sarcasm makes it slightly less effective to be honest. Just a friendly tip. (note the honesty)

LeanTurtle074251d ago

I had the same as ccApp. (only took 3 days) I suppose some ppl are just really unlucky like this guy seems to be. Oh well maybe the box will show up soon lol

D R Fz4251d ago

Is it just me or does it seem that almost everyone whose gotten a 360 at launch has had to send it back for one reason or another? It's a good thing i waited for mine which i got for free with six games. Waiting has definitely proved good for me because my 360 has only show the ring of death three times and after each one, it restarted and never really bricked. My ps3 on the other hasn't shown any problems yet, which is a good thing despite it being a launch console. But like i always say, you get what you paid for.

Lacarious4251d ago

give it time chumpy.... the three rings of death is just the beginning

D R Fz4251d ago

Lacarious, what do you mean its the beginning? You mean eventually mine will brick also? or do you mean something else? If thats the case, i hope it bricks while its under warranty. Good thing my ps3 is showing no signs of anything as bad.

TheMART4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Oh Gamr, you must hate MS real bad don't ya.

Everyone that I've heard about here had a 360 back in a few days to maximum of 2 weeks.

If you search hard enough, you'll always find an extreme problem.
You know the PS2 DVD drives were so bad that they gave up shortly after they were bought? That Sony let the consumers wait for months and still charged them?

That was a problem that was not noticed by one, but by many customers. Now try to find thousands of people with this problem. You can't, because it's an isolated case. Which the Sony problems certaintly aren't. Just wait untill the BR laser of your PS3 gaves up. Sony's drive lasers are known to brake down soonish

@ Kamakazi (below)

it seems that you with 3 bubbles aren't any different then me dude. I may say like I want. You sound more like a dictator then me. I only say Gamr must hate XBOX and he does. Only posting positive news about the PS3 and negative about the 360. Yup I don't like Sony for some very good reasons, so I hate PS. I don't mind to state that clearly

kamakazi4251d ago

youre are worse than gamer. who are THE last person who should be dictating who hates what on this site.

sparco4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

To Kamakazi ---> Learn to speak english before posting on here you stupid arab!

Back on topic ---> Whats up with this?! ONE person has to wait 6 weeks and suddenly its huge news!? Sure 6 weeks is a long time, but this is 1 PERSON out of god knows how many. GaMr, please do me a favor and dont waste any more space on this site with pathetic news like this. You usually post some interesting stuff. But this? Errrrrm no.

dantesparda4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

"Oh Gamr, you must hate MS real bad don't ya. "
oh the level of hypocrisy that spews out of you is astonishing. You should talk Mart, you should talk.

And to that little racist hateful son-of-a-b!tch douchebag "Sparco", fvck you! you little sh!t head

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