Blue Dragon sold over 150.000 times in Japan

Microsoft is having a hard time with its Xbox 360 in Japan. One of the small success numbers so far is Blue Dragon. Today the Japanese games magazine Famitsu announced that the game has sold over 150.000 copies in the land of the rising sun. With these figures, more than half of the Japanese Xbox 360 owners have bought the game.

The game is available in Japan since december, 7th. Blue Dragon is set for a release in Europa and US sometime this year, probably around the summer.

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FirstknighT4437d ago

This game for sure will increase in sales after the anime begins. And I been hearing good things about the anime. Dragon Ball Z + Pokemon = Blue Dragon.

MikeMichaels4437d ago

Yeah, just like MS's stupid Pinata game.

Seriously though, anyone know why a game that looks as simple as this actually fills up 3 DVD's?

Big mistake using DVD9 MS. One year in and you've already got mulit game disks and dev's complaining they've hit the limit and are going to scale things back tomake it fit.

Too bad really.

TheMART4437d ago

Go wash your mouth. Rare did a very, very nice job on Viva Piniata. One of the few innovating games there are around. Resistance is as innovating as a baboon

Using DL-DVD isn't a mistake. This is the only game using 3 DVD's in a 160 games library. Last gen there were only a few that used DL-DVD, rest was SL.

Will be the same this time. Worth paying 33% extra for on a console? Nope. Dev's complaining? Not so much. Those that are capable of using compression instead of those lame developpers that 'need' betabluray. Resistance could have been done on DL-DVD in the end if they compressed it right

PureGamer4437d ago

im 17 nearly 18 so i wont be picking this one up when i get a 360, DBZ+Pokemon = Blue Dragon just really put me off it lol i watched DBZ and pokemon when i was like 9, but its good for the 360 sales because japan love these sort of games.

JasonXE4437d ago

the game itself would easily fit in one dvd but there using new HD cutscences (whatever) that takes up a lot a lot a lot of space. Though I would like this game to fit in one dics, I wouldn't want to pay an extra 200 buxs for a console just to make this so.

calderra4437d ago

Yup. This is the only game on Xbox 360 to use more than one disc. And it's all for HD video content that couldn't fit on any disc format regardless of what console you're talking about. In fact, 9GB * 3discs = 27GB, just larger than a single-layer BluRay. This game might even be 2 discs on the PS3 unless they used dual-layer.

And yes, for those keeping track- outside of the High-def cutscenes, there is no reason on the face of this earth why this game should be even close to that size. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, by comparison, is under 6GB even with quite a bit of downlodable content factored in. It has massive maps, nearly infinite replayability due to all the sidequests and such (and DLC), thousands of items and characters and etc, and hundreds of hours of recorded dialogue. And it's well under a fourth of the size.

nicodemus4437d ago

150,000 sold? I know the 360 hasn't been doing too well over there, and call me crazy, but that number sounds like just about everyone who's bought a 360 in Japan has also bought Blue Dragon! Not trying to annoy--i own 360... I just think it's funny.

One Question-- The 360 dvds hold 9 or so gigabytes, but would it be possible to make them dual-layer or triple-layer to allow more space?

just wondering...

kamakazi4437d ago (Edited 4437d ago )

wow....poor microsoft just cant get the 360 movin in japan no matter what they offer them. i wanna play it and give GEARS a rest for a bit.

again though microsoft cant seem to give the 360 away in japan.

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