Cool Concept Art vs. Crushing Reality

Sometimes it's technical limitations. Sometimes it's a lack of appreciation of the colour and tone of a piece. Sometimes developers just don't seem to interpret the art as the designer intended at all. So read on and weep at what might have been, as GamesRadar take you through some of the biggest artistic disappointments of recent years. So much design talent, so little in-game evidence.

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farhsa20083543d ago

Eh? I have played through motorstorm pacific rift many times and no way does it look that bad. The guy must be playing it on a Standard TV or something.

Ghoul3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

gamesradar NUFF SAID

motorstorm 2 is one awesome graphics fest, but its a ps3 exclusiv so you can expect the usual fud....

and btw making an article about how gamesdevs failed because the art looks different ?? wtf is wrong with gaming media.

ITS A CONCEPT ffs. It's a guidline / a vision for assets, colors, composition. Its there to INSPIRE the modeleres and NOT to previsualise the final look.


FantasyStar3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Ghoul, do you work in a video game studio as a programmer? Or something similar in an Graphic Art career? (serious question BTW)

Ghoul3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

yes i am a modeler/sculpter and graphics artist

okcomputer3543d ago

I don't get that reply, yes he trashed the ps3 exclusive, but in the very next entry he trashes a 360 exclusive, and a spin off of ms's #1 franchise at that... and say whatever you want, that screenshot of ms2 looks horrible. I really don't see the bias.

Ghoul3543d ago

my comment about the usual fud was a wee unnecesary but you really really gotta try and look hard to find such a spot in motorstorm2

the whole article is a joke

ThanatosDMC3543d ago

When i saw the Iron Man shot and comparison... i thought of Zone of the Enders 3!!!!

Damn, that game better come and it better have insane fights, insane amounts of enemies, insane bosses, and anything that will make me insane and drool because of it's awesomeness!

But Jehuty better lose it's godly naked powers. One hit kill isnt challenging.

Ghoul3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

btw thats why such articles make me sad...
and yes its ingame

see its all a matter of perspective.

Ghoul3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

sorry dbl post buggy image uploader

FantasyStar3543d ago

Wow that's impressive. I'm just dabbing around with 2D art right now. Just barely getting my feet wet.

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DJ3543d ago

Fur shaders on PS3, with Flower being the most successful outcome. Hopefully the next Motorstorm will use the grass tech developed for Flower in order to incorporate more realistic foliage. Flat polygon planes, while easier on the engine, don't compliment the game's great lighting system.

Andras843543d ago

Or maybe even photoshoped it, I'm not sure.

But show me anything that will look exactly like it's concept art. There are things that are not possible to do with todays hardware. In the near future though concept art and reality will blend together.

NaiNaiNai3543d ago

everyone knows i "hate" the ps3 with a passion, but i know that pic of MS2 is BS, i wanted MS 1 cause it was amazing and i know 2 is just O.O WTF THATS IN GAME.

so this guys full of BS

there you heard it from one of the biggest "fanboys" >.> i guess fanboy, on this site.

N4g_null3543d ago

Seriously this needs to stop. Bashing just for the sake of bashing. You know what I'm not even clicking over. I'm done supporting fud pushers.

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