MacLife Review: Art Lebedev Studio Optimus Maximus


"Optimus Maximus" fittingly sounds like a cross between a Transformer and an emotional plateau of Roman excess. Easily the most expensive keyboard we've ever reviewed-and one of the most interesting-each blank key houses a 48-by-48 pixel OLED display instead of permanent markings. Hit Shift, and lower-case letters stand tall, while the number row turns into simple punctuation.

But the chameleon keyboard can morph even more, displaying customizable languages and icons to match menu commands or macros. It can even present a range of live data, such as the time or CPU load. And while we wanted even more ways for the Mac to utilize the keys-iChat notifications, for example-we were most disappointed by the keyboard's physical action. Each press requires significantly more force than our range of regular input devices, and a slightly larger key shape takes some getting used to.

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Charmers3594d ago

Ah sod the Maximus I want logitech to start rolling out the G19 at a decent price. This is the successor too the G15 but instead of a crappy black and white lcd it comes with a full colour 320 x 240 LCD screen.