LBP Content Mis-advertised? reports on downloadable content that Sony had previously claimed to be free on the US blog now being charged for in Europe.

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Blackmoses3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

I didn't see where they said it was free?! Actually I don't recall them saying anything about price at all..........

hmp......I stand corrected!
- "Our solution, celebrate your holiday this year with the free LittleBigPlanet Valentines Day Theme pack! In addition to our McLovin SackBoy costume, the theme pack comes equipped with a full array of stickers and decorations that will surely inspire some wild and crazy creations."

Probably will be corrected soon.

Pennywise3541d ago

Even though they meant to charge, they said free. It should then be free. False advertising will get ya everytime!

Expy3541d ago

Playstation.Blog = US/North America

Eu Playstation Store != North America.

sloth33953541d ago

How is it mis-avertised it says for the US it doesnt say its free for Europe

ExcelKnight3541d ago

The same thing happened to the free Japanese LBP suits. They ended up costing money in America (Toro & Monkey)