Over 1000 PS2 Titles to Work with PAL PS3

Phil Harrison has recently confirmed that Sony expect to have over 1,000 PS2 games working via emulation on the Playstation 3 once it launches in Pal regions. Here is an excerpt taken from an interview....

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SEAN16175935d ago (Edited 5935d ago )

66% day one so looks like your not getting screwed after all, unless you wanted to play "barbie's ponny ride"

DC RID3R5935d ago

let's see, 1000 titles are BC out of nearly 10,000?

that's wot? %10?

if %10 is deemed good and as "no worries here", then what was the big deal with the 360's BC issues?

%10 is poor no matter which way you look at it SONY. pull your socks up, your looking tired.

DiLeCtioN5935d ago

10,000 is wrong m8 its about 1500

SEAN16175935d ago

there are only 1500 ps2 games friend go look it up 10,000? where did you get that from?

DC RID3R5935d ago

blue cheese bro, but only AFTER i train.

seriously though, there's almost 3500-4000+ titles for the DC(dreamcast) which stopped production YEARS ago. there's still games being made for it today, and you question whether there are 10,000 titles for the PS2???

you MUST think 1ST, before you move.

Raist5935d ago

3500-4000 games on Sega DC ? I guess your fingers slipped on 0. It's more like 350-400 games


I'm too lazy to count, but it's nowhere near 4000.

PS1 AND PS2 combined have about 8000 games, that's always what has been reported when they gave BC percentages numbers for the US/jap PS3 versions.

techie5935d ago

"As of September 2006, the Sega Dreamcast has 298 games available in its library." hahaha you fool. Overshooting a little bit.

DC RID3R5935d ago (Edited 5935d ago )

cow RAIST+ DEEEEEPDOWN, chill,relax..............I'm not here to destroy the SDF squad today :]

no need to get ALL anaylitical, and sceptical. Did you add/consider all the chinese/korean "Blackmarket" titles? you didn't did ya? MORE FOOL YOU *shakes head in pitiful manner*


"Meditation Mode"

Raist5935d ago

Yeah sure, like someone cares about crap black market games developped by a team of 3 students in their garage :P

Btw, I can't see why you tell me to calm down o_O

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techie5935d ago

Add all ps1 games and that percentage jumps considerably.

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