Prey Demo arrives on PC; 360 demo delayed

3D Realms have provided us with a "cough" exclusive download of the Prey demo. According to the accompanying press release though the 360 version is delayed!

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ken62715813d ago

Xbox360 demo delayed?? No surprise...

Swifty5813d ago

I think with 360 demos and games you have to add an extra 3 monts onto the initial release date....



damn it!

why tell people it is coming out on thursday when its not. god they piss me off when they do this. hurry up MS!

The BS Police5813d ago

The Deveolpers delay it not Microosft, Microsoft just contracts them, obviously they better hury up with the game otherwise Microsoft might end up cancelling it!

TheMART5813d ago

Most of the time it's MS Live team that has to work on the demo's given to them by the producer. Often they don't know what happened to the original release date. So probably it is MS again holding it back for some reason. They want to check, double check that it's working like it should.

Not the same problems as for example with the latest movies of Kameo which were broken and had to withdrawn from marketplace to be fixed

Marriot VP5813d ago (Edited 5813d ago )

what the crap, for the last 3 weeks there's been a huge Market place dry spell. Absolutely nothing but a few Matishyu and kameo videos.

CRAP, this is dissapointing.

FamoAmo5813d ago

I have been waiting forever for this demo! It better be out tonight!! The game releases in a few weeks so if the demo ain't soon it won't even be released or will it? This ruined my day!! Thanks whoever delayed it!!

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The story is too old to be commented.