Ace Gamez Preview: Halo Wars

Ace Gamez writes: "Walking through the concrete and steel reinforced underground halls of the Cabinet War Rooms cannot help but instil a real sense of presence and pride, as you imagine Sir Winston Churchill and his fellow leaders working every hour of the day and night in their campaign against the ruthless evil of Hitler. Everything has been left as it was, from the main meeting room to the living quarters and the secret, totally secure hotline to the US president - a small room adorned with a permanent engaged sign on its door, leading most people to think that it was the only flushing toilet on the premises, reserved for Churchill himself - and it is inspirational to think that you are retracing the steps of the legendary Prime Minister, the right man at the right time, a true leader whose courage, resolve and wisdom prevented us - and the rest of the world - from being subjected to Nazi rule."

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