DICE reveal BC: Bad Company 2 Info & Screens

GamesAreEvil writes: Fresh off the news that Bad Company 2 will be hitting stores some time early next year, DICE have let slip the first tantalising details as to what we can expect from the sequel. According to the EA press release, Bad Company 2 will "[introduce] a level of fervor to vehicular warfare never before experienced in a modern warfare action game."

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CrAppleton3567d ago

I just want them to fix all the multiplayer issues.. other than that.. the first one was a solid game

JohnR3567d ago

what multiplayer issues? i loved the originals multiplayer!

online co-op please...

JohnR3567d ago

actually the 'team' system of only chatting to a few people in your huge team kinda sucked. they need to figure out a way of improving that witohut it getting messy with too many people.

CrAppleton3567d ago

Hell yeah! online co-op would be awesome!

thealienist3567d ago

all games where youre in a team or squad should give you the option f online co-op

BattleAxe3567d ago

I hope they add a couple more online game modes too. Playing Gold Rush gets boring after a few months and I personally don't like Conquest. I love the characters from the first game.

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CrAppleton3567d ago

Anyone plan on picking this one up?

TIKUP3567d ago

me!!!! :)
anyone else?

butbutbuttehcell3567d ago

Defo! The first was well good and this one looks sweet with it's nice change ups in scenery. I can't wait to be cruising through the sunny locales. Looks like they've subdued the filter from the first, which is good. I wanna be able to see miles

CrAppleton3567d ago

Right.. I'm so conflicted with the first one.. I LOVE the gameplay.. but I hated the party options.. anyone else think they need to re-vamp their party options?

JohnR3567d ago

i always like to play in brighter locations. i dont enjoy games as much that throw you into areas that are constantly drak and 'shadowy', doesnt look as good

Ju3567d ago

Oh yeah, I'm getting this. I loved the first one.

Ghoul3567d ago

DAY 1 for me

i bought all bf games (veteran since bf1942 closed beta) on day 1 so this wont make a difference.

king dong3567d ago

i just wish they would enable full team speak instead of squad(or have squad leaders, which can talk to other squad leaders with a quick up press on the d-pad!), plus i would like them to up the player count. but that's it!

keep em coming dice, i cant get enough of bad company.

Teabag3567d ago

Loved the first one, but stopped playing it due to too much lag at weekends and in the evenings.

That said it is my favourite shooter on the PS3. Not exactly sure why but I just like the gameplay more than COD4. I'll have to withold judgement on the KZ2 multiplayer, but I think it will play similar to COD4. Loads and loads of people love COD4, and will no doubt love KZ2, but I just prefer BFBC (and hopefully SOCOM when it comes out in the UK).

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CrAppleton3567d ago

Love the game.. sucks you can only chat with 4 people

thealienist3567d ago

that's not such a problem now with the party chat on NXE. if you've got friends who play it you can chat as a team

psnSkareFace3560d ago

when they updated it it got laggy for me

Counter_ACT3567d ago

That looks like Wake Island! I hope this one is more like Battlefield 2.

CrAppleton3567d ago

Me too! BF2 was awesome! I hope they keep what they've gained in Bad Company and bring in some of the better points from BF2

Ghoul3567d ago

These screens are from bf1943 a remake of bf1942

Its a psn live game 24 player online battling on 6 maps (3 pacific / 3 jungle) using vehicles: Ships, planes, tanks, cars.

AWESOME i say i loved bf1942

as for badcompany 2

AWESOME i say i liked bf bc (had its flaws but definatly good game)

Ghoul3567d ago


its even better

BF3 wich is in production for almost 2 years uses the same frostbite engine only altered to match the pc environment. bf3 offers tons of unlockables and a huge deep rpg like customisation system for eac player.

thealienist3567d ago

the snow screen is from Bad company 2

DeadlyFire3567d ago

Its not only Live/PSN title. Its also PC game. Both games are actually. They are all coming to PC really. Bad Company 2, 1943, and 3rd Battlefield which is likely set for 2010 or later now if 1943 is coming in 2009.

Ghoul3567d ago

oh didnt saw that thought only bf bc 2

EVEN BETTER i love bf :D

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docsavage3567d ago

BFBC 2 is coming to PC guys, forget about 1943 unless it's free...

Ghoul3567d ago

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be available for the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system, the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and the PC.

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