PS3: Shipped vs Sold - Opinion Piece or Billion Dollar Problem?

Many an article has been posted about the PS3 being in abundant supply, this being due to very good shipping processes, or the lack of demand. Here's an article on giving an opinion about how shipped and sold really play out in the world of Sony.

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FirstknighT4250d ago

1.8 million sold! That's less than the 360 sold when it came out last year. Well atleast we finally have a real number. I know alot of sony boys here like to throw around "4 million sold"

specialguest4250d ago

OH! I thought fanboys like you once complained, whined and cried about how the VGcharts were inaccurate. Now all of a sudden it's the gospel truth? hahahaha get outa here.

r10004250d ago

Specialguest.... GOOD RESPONSE... "FirstKnight" can you get me a job with Microsoft too? I want to be on their payroll like you...

1.8... in a couple of weeks the PS will be "way" over 2 mill..

PureGamer4250d ago

who says 4 million you @sswipe, who actually cares who wins its sad its only a games console play it and like it.

THAMMER14250d ago

But the loss they take per console produced will out weigh the profits they make for some time.

techie4250d ago

They will make a hefty profit on every UK console at least...and with hardware revisions I'd expect a profit on every PAL system sold - especially since they are all 60gb ($70 more lost on a 20gb model...I think that's their real reason for not offering it)

THAMMER14250d ago

They did increase the price and remove the PS2 components for BC in exchange for soft ware emulation. So they may make a proffet sooner for those resons. HMM

techie4250d ago

They make a profit in the UK even if they made no hardware revisions. As it's equiv $830...also now they are making more ps3's the price of everything will have gone considerably down since the original launch.

Also don't forget games sales...for both ps3, ps2 and psp. And psp's and ps2's sold. I don't think they are in the crap that much, I think they can take a lot mre risks to be reducing the price in the UK pleeeease.

kewlkat0074250d ago

everywhere I go, there are plenty of PS3's on shelves. I always thought "Shipped" was related to what was bought up by us gamers. I mean there is a lot of people I ask about the PS3 and they always complain about the "PRICE", and say it's not worth it. While others may say "Oh it's more than a VG machine" Well most people don't care about all that other Sh!t thats invested in the PS3. Blu-Ray may be cool but that's not why people buy consoles. People just wanna play games.

So in the end, if the PS3 was like $400 and less, I probally would of had one by now. The Xbox360, I think is a better choice for me right now since I never cared for MG series. I love FF series and GOW(ps2). There is also a lot of un-proven titles coming out that fanboys think will be great for some odd reason. Ps3 will be a great buy in 3 years.

fjtorres4250d ago

Automakers routinely track the inventory of unsold product on dealer lots to adjust their production rates because, of course, dealers won't order more product until they move enough of what they have on hand.
The same applies to consoles; it is a good thing to have have some unsold product floating in the pipeline because you don't want empty shelves and potential customers walking away. But neither do you want tons of anybody's money tied up in inventory because unsold inventory costs money and eats up profits.

Two million unsold PS3s adds up to $1.2 billion worth of product and somewhere between 4-6 months worth of sales, going by january sales and assuming Euro-sales are comparable to US sales. That is a bit much. Turns out unsold inventory is *expensive* to retailers:
Over 10% per year, which means that those floating PS3s are costing somebody over $300,000 a day.
Those boxes better start moving soon.
Anybody in Europe want to volunteer? ;-)

DC RID3R4250d ago

whichever way you look at it, this is a very poor showing from sony.

I'm sure they guaranteed 4 million units shipped by march?

and yet, only 1.8 million units (IF that) have been sold?

listen, when your selling something, you want that product in people's homes, NOT on store shelves. That's not a good look.

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