Burnout Paradise 1.60 Patch Out

GamersDigest can confirm that the 1.60 patch is now out for Burnout Paradise, coming in at 254MB.

There is a techincal issue with the ingame browser on the PS3 and PC versions of the game, here is the fix;

If you update the game today to version 1.6, you'll experience a white screen issue relating to the pages we've created for the in-game browser. The text will read "Error. FW-1 at fefw01_ixe-lhr: Failed to connect to the WWW server".

On PS3, hit triangle and then "EXIT", then choose "Yes" to "return to the game screen" and continue playing Burnout. On PC, click the button prompt in the bottom right of the screen to exit and continue playing.

The full list of additions after the jump.


The above web browser issue has now been fixed.

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Mikey Cool53567d ago

i have played it for a while now, the billboards are looking much better! :D

Elimin83567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Anyone knows how or where.. to restart? downloaded V 1.60 tried it but can't find it.

sinned473567d ago

finally, a restart feature. it was frustrating to drive back to the light to start the event over.

ThatArtGuy3567d ago

Restart is in the easy drive menu.

LSDARBY3567d ago

i havent played this for ages.....downloadin the update now.

somekindofmike3567d ago

Sounds great, I'm so glad that restart option is now in, that was my only real grief with the game!

joydestroy3567d ago

it wasn't a problem until i got towards the end of the game. usually i'd just start the next closest race, but now there aren't many left and they're all spread out.

vincentvegawchz3567d ago

If you havnt downloaded this DO SO NOW! It is soo amazing, i rubbed my eyes in disbelief... CRITERION REALLY OUTDOES THEMSELVES!

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The story is too old to be commented.