New Watchmen Screens

IncGamers have the latest screen releases from episodic title to come, Watchmen.

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AndyA3540d ago

I hope they do justice to the comic book, it's such a great story.

Leord3540d ago

There are some great adaptations out there (I mean in general, not specifically comic book adaptations), so there is potential, but there are even more film/comic/book adaptations that are horrendous. We'll just have to wait and see.

The screenshot is pretty nice actually.

Maticus3540d ago

This game does look truly awesome. I hope it's as good as the film is meant to be!

Dorjan3540d ago

Nice screenshots, looks cool

thetamer3540d ago

I'm rather worried about this game. It was never meant to be made into a film, let alone a game.

Baba19063540d ago

watchmen is comic couse thats the only medium that could make it work. i still hope its gona be fun, and i cant wait to break some bones playing rorschach.