Xbox Live tallies 1 million Netflix Watch Instantly activations, 1.5 billion minutes served

Bad news first: there might be a bit more competition than you expected for that home theater giveaway. Good luck bringing down Netflix's shooting star though, as if last week's good news train wasn't enough comes news that over a million Xbox Live Gold members have already downloaded and activated the Watch Instantly app since its NXE debut last November. That's more than 10% of Netflix's just announced 9.4 million subscribers who've already watched over 1.5 billion minutes of TV and movies through their consoles. They're not the only ones happy, while streaming may be eating into DVD rentals, Xbox Live Marketplace rentals are up 174 percent year over year. The streaming library is up to 12,000 titles, with a "growing percentage" in high definition, for the rest of the celebratory details check the full PR after the break. Nothing left for us to say but congratulations and hey, if you get a minute, could you fix Nilay's HD streaming on the Xbox? Thanks.

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LightningPS3PS35343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

Just buried the Playstation brand. Making the system cost a fortune and ending any chance they had of market share, and in the end the future is probably indeed downloads.

Sh*t the day Sony thought of the word blu ray, it's was the downfall of their business.

It doesn't matter what great games the PS3 has, they don't even get a fair fight at the console war, because their system has to cost customers a crap load more for something they don't even want.

Hopefully Sony learned and next time around they'll give themselves a fighting chance and not blow their F*cken legs off, right at the starting line.

Why dis5343d ago

Going to get a netflix account tomorrow.

Simon_Brezhnev5343d ago

lol @ u i guess u 4got sony makes money off a lot of those rentals and own movie studios lol so u really think is their downfall but good try

Cajun Chicken5343d ago

Oh, look. Its the movie watching service only availble in the US with movies that you don't physically own and can't trade for new ones...aaaaamaaazing.

PirateThom5343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

Absolute nonsense.

Downloads are way off, most people don't have access to decent services and, if they do, aren't suitable for anything more than rental.

Who wants lossy, compressed, upscaled to HD movies when you can have full HD?

Who wants an untradable, unloanable product?

Sony, like most other companies, wish we would go digital download. Think about it, no manufacturing costs, no shipping costs, no cut for retailers, just pure profit and locked to whatever unit they choose to sell. The public just won't have nothing over a physical product. iTunes didn't kill CD and iTunes is far more popular than movie downloads.

Why dis5343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

If you read is comment he's talking about how a soon to die DVD format(so he says)is hurting Sony's PS3. lol

Cool Hwhip5343d ago

What about the day they patented the technology?

Gobuz5343d ago

Are you smoking crack again?

1/ Sony owns some of those movies you rent idiot.

2/ Blu-ray is extremely successful, no matter how popular downloads get there will always be a market for blu-ray or any future disc format. Xmas, holidays, birthdays. People like to have a physical copy.

3/ Batman sold over 2.5 million

4/ blu-ray sales outselling dvd already.

gogators5343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

Netflix is offering around 10,000 movies online. Who really can build a collection of that size. How many friends do you have that have 10,000 movies you can almost instantly borrow?

the service isn't perfect, but it does work well most of the time.

IzKyD13315343d ago

So 1 million people who don't realize that in the time it takes to download a 2 hour movie, you can drive to the video store, come back, make some snacks, start the movie and finish about half of it

GoD_tattoo5343d ago

Obviously you've never used Netflix on the 360. If you had, you would know that as soon as you decide to watch it, it streams the movie to you. There is no download time. It happens as soon as you hit play. Works great. You should get one and try it...

thats_just_prime5343d ago

Hands IzKyD1331 the n4g ignorant award

Le Idiotce5340d ago

Its useless because when xbox 360 discontinued and MS drops out of the console business, you would be left with absolutely nothing.

Just like on the day news reached your ears that your HD DVD player had become absolutely worthless.

I wonder how many people like you fell for MS lies back then.
HD DVD is worthless and so is netflix. I smell shiatloads of deja vu. Didnt they told you how they were offering you choice and how they were offering you a player that was going to be the new thing in high definition because the public doesnt want blu ray?

Blu Ray sales beat DVD sales on a year to year basis. And yet they concluded that the public doesnt want Blu Ray? Thats a downright LIE. They lied in your faces, you believed them and ended up with a worthless player that can only be used to watch Planet Earth dvds.

The same thing is happening right now. They are trying to tell you how great netflix on 360 is when supposedly 28 million people have xbox 360s(according to them anyway) and only 1 million managed to download that worthless application?

Failure much? See when MS opens their mouths again, 99% of the time, they arent just bragging and overreacting with the numbers. No, 99% of the time, they are lying to you without even blinking their eyes.

Thats what you gotta learn and you also need to learn to accept the facts as they are because facts, once they become facts, wont bend or change for anyone. You go against fact and you are going to get burned.

the facts today say that 360 is in deep deep kalahoula trouble. They are in deepshiat and Steve Balmer is pissed off. Shane Kim and his goonies are scared shiatless right now.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy5343d ago

Wow,a Billion Minutes served!

Sony are doomed alright,I mean,how will they top a BILLION minutes SERVED :o !!?!??

You see the "PM" part under my Avatar?Use it when these numbers are relevant.

Huh5343d ago

you know maybe microsoft are about to cancel netflix on xbox maybe that is why they are telling everyone the low numbers or maybe they are renegotiating there contract with netflix executives maybe

Cool Hwhip5343d ago

Aren't there like 25 million 360s in homes?

Why dis5343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

More than 10% of their business in 3 months? I think thats the way they're looking at it.

Where did you get 25 million from? lol

More and more people on my friends lists are subscribing to this service every week. I look at my list and lists of other people on their lists and a and see more an more people using it.

Cool Hwhip5343d ago

25 Million before the holiday season was the last time I heard of the numbers.

These numbers will grow,but right now,they're unimpressive.

Why dis5343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

I kind of had it in my head too that half the fanbase(well not half but more) would have it by now based on the spending behavior of the fanbase and not the reality of adoption. there are so many factors like standalone's and ISP capability/offerings and web speeds.

OOG5343d ago

Netflix is american only.... so not 25 + million people

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Cool Hwhip5343d ago

Microsoft need to put more effort into their game division rather than Movies,everyone I know has Netflix already so there isn't really much more they can do to help the Rental service.

LinuxGuru5343d ago

1 million Watch Instantly activations....out of.....at least 17 million subscribers to Live?


LinuxGuru5343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

Ignore that comment.

Kinda foggy on the subscriber levels for Netflix and Live in North America...trying to find concrete numbers that are at least semi-recent so I can make a proper judgment.