LazyGamer: Halo Wars Marketing Strategy Made Simple

LazyGamer writes: "New Halo 3 Map Pack = Carrot.

You = Donkey.

Halo Wars = Final Destination.

Yes, we are all donkeys it seems. Ok, not all of us, only raging Halo 3 fans, and if you haven't noticed, there are absolutely tons of 'em.

So information has been released that gives details about the upcoming Mythic Map Pack, which adds 3 more multiplayer maps to Halo 3 (posted at the bottom of the article). News worthy for Halo 3 players? "Sure", I thought. Then I kept reading, and suddenly everything fell into place."

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Cajun Chicken3542d ago

Like snatching candy from a baby it seems.

Llort3542d ago

Terrible story, bad controls, weak AI.

It's still going to sell because of the rabid Halo fans.

They froth at the mouth whenever you mention Halo.