'We simply have to suffer,' says Sony Europe's gaming chief

The Guardian sits down to talk for a candid interview with SCEA boss David Reeves. In the interview, he believes that to maintain profitability in the current climate they "simply have to suffer a little," "go down in market share and mind-share.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3912d ago

I've always liked Reeves,very honest and straight to the point.

tocrazed4you3912d ago

the part about new ips :O

StayHigh3912d ago

what happen to all the fanboys who said killzone 2 will sucked and wont live up the graphic hype? oh yeah they got owned!! im glad it will sell 1.1 million..even if it didnt do it in its first day it will eventually happen, just look at all the big ps3 exclusive game all sold pass 1 million or more now!!

eagle213912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

1.1+ million pre-orders already. I think Sony has more humility and more swagger than any company ever will. Every gamer I know wants this game. Even some non fps fans want KILLZONE.

Danja3912d ago

wow this is great...already guaranteed million seller....

glad ppl are excited for this game...expect sales to rise even more when the ads kick in..Sony dont drop the ball this time around..

MGS4 seems like it will be dethroned in 1st week sales...

Rock Bottom3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

So much for being the FLOP 360 fanboys were hoping for.

morganfell3912d ago

I have never heard Greenberg speak of the competition like that.

iHEARTboobs3912d ago

I'm assuming the 1.1 million pre-sales was world wide and not just Europe?

Consoldtobots3912d ago

he is extremely honest, to the point of saying that if this business wasn't profitable for them they would leave it. That tells you alot about the performance so far and the faith they have in the PS3. IMO they've been riding a steady climb in marketshare and cost reductions.
By the time the PS3 hits $250-$299 it will have a 30-35 million install base and sales will explode even more. Thats when the market will completely shift focus back the playstation.

cayal3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )


Immortal Kaim3912d ago

He isn't giving up on the 'console war' because there is no such thing as the console war, this 'war' is only in the minds of immature fanboys. He is a smart man, and one with integrity. He knows full well the competition for market share is a totally different ball game this gen.

By acknowledging their competitors and the increased pressure it puts on maintaining market share, we can expect some interesting and unique things coming out of both hardware and software area's in order to sustain a reasonable market share.

Wake up lighting, this 'console war' as you like to call it doesn't revolve around you and your irrational mindset.

acedoh3912d ago

I am really excited about the buildup for Killzone 2... I think this game will truly show what the PS3 is capable of as a console for graphics but also of mega sales for a blockbuster game. SONY knows when you are at the highest pricepoint you need convincing games like Killzone 2 to convert the masses of hardcore gamers that will fork over $400 for a game console.

David Reeves I believe is a consumate professional and gives total respect to the competition. He and SONY are realistic enough to realize the market has changed and they are adapting to it very well. Remember it's the companies that take the right approach to an economic downturn that end up on top when the dust settles.

prowiew3912d ago

Reeves should be on Kaz shoes. He is more down to earth than Kaz. Kaz should be included in those 16,000 people Sony will fire.

Parapraxis3911d ago

Inspiring words from Reeves.
He is a gentleman, and I hope that he will have, at some point, as much of an importance in Sony Entertainment's management as Mr. Harai. I do think it would do great things for Sony if control was split more evenly.
Good interview.

marinelife93911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

One of those pre-orderers is me.


I take that back 1.1 million is just European pre-orders. I'm American

xwabbit3911d ago

You still got 3 fan boys on you StayHigh Lol

tplarkin73911d ago

Reeves said about cost cutting the PS3: "But will it be anything as off-strategy as releasing a PS3 with a DVD rather than a Blu-ray drive? I doubt it."

How can he "doubt" something that is impossible? If the PS3 only supported DVDs, then the games would not function.

Does Sony have a dirty secret that their "Blu-Ray" games are actually on DVD?

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eagles19903912d ago

Looks like Killzone 2 will sell well it's first week

Huh3912d ago

my friend when i get killzone 2 i will be so happy i will likely play it very slowly so the game becomes really long i mean its already long like 11 hours but i want it to last for 7 days and then after 7 days i train for multiplayer

cayal3912d ago

1.1 million @ $60 each is a nice income.

$66,000,000, that's crazy.

jessupj3912d ago

Please stop saying that like it sells at $60 everywhere. Countries other then the US exsist.

Barca_V_V3912d ago

he is right, not everywhere it is sold for 60$.
here i have to pay about 100$ for newly released games

so its 66,000,040$

heroicjanitor3912d ago

Australia? I think they aim to make the same profit from all games though. The higher price of your games is most likely due to transport costs, but the profit Sony makes from the game is the same.

cayal3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

I live in Australia.

The average cost around the world would be $60 once converted into whatever currency (yen I suppose)

$100AU = $64US
$100AU = 5,800Yen (I have no idea what the cost is in Japan).
$100AU = 50EU

Point is, $60 is a good average price point.

Next point is, stop being a whiny little turd.

Karum3912d ago are selling the game for under £30 in the UK, if you were to walk into GAME or HMV you'd likely be paying £39.99 or £44.99 for a big title such as KZ2 on release day.

With that said though they're going to make a fair bit of cash from the worldwide sales of this game, of that there can be no question.

Can't wait for the demo later.

UnDone143911d ago

I feel exactly the same. I absolutely do not want to rush through this game. As a matter of fact, I will play it on the hardest difficulty there is! I'll get my ass handed to me, but hey, it's good training!

I simply cannot wait.

p.s. Killzone deserves all the accolades it's been receiving and now it's a confirmed million seller!

RememberThe3573911d ago

is that they haven't even started advertising yet. This is pure hype.

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TheHater3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Congrats to Killzone for hitting the 1.1 million preorder mark in Europe. So I guess the game will be selling over a million on day one.
As for Davit Reeve, Sony need to cut tides with this guy already. 99% of the things that comes out of his mouth is idiotic.

Dammit I am wait for the demo right now, and it kill me. It almost 2AM NYC right now. A PSN buddy of mine said the demo will be on the European UK store at 2AM EST time.

Cyrus3653912d ago

I didn't think the 1.1 million is Local Europe number, considering previous to that they were taking about global sales of the console and global software sales of all the Sony products.

1.1 million in just Europe would be huge, especially considering the past of killzone.

1.1 globally aka (US/Europe/Australia), makes sense, with 500 K split between two or so, plus loose 100 K in other territories (Australia, etc.)

RememberThe3573911d ago

In context it would seem that they are talking about Europe(SCEE):

"And there are some encouraging signs for SCEE, which Reeves understandably wants to focus on. While PSP and PS2 software sales have fallen (by 15% and 51% respectively), PS3 games sales are up 53% and there's a healthy 1.1m pre-order book for Killzone 2, the first of a new batch of IPs that Sony will be counting on."

Either way, those are great numbers for Killzone 2.

Wife Of The Bad Guy3912d ago

1.1 Million pre-orders for a game everyone in the gaming press said would suck.

Sales are never the sole indication of quality,so going by the reviews and the recent spark in gamer interest,it's becoming increasingly clear that Killzone 2 will have a healthy life.

terrandragon3912d ago

Show me where it says "everyone", stop lying and spit out the truth.

acedoh3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

the advertising hasn't even kicked in... Most people wait until one to two weeks before release to preorder. Killzone 2 could easily double or triple that number by release. Selling 3 million worldwide in the first week would put it right up there with Halo and Gears...

Huh3912d ago

wow 1100000 in sales already someone pinch me this is amaizng