Ten Gaming Clichés

Chances are, if you play many video games, you've noticed a few gameplay elements pop up over and over again. Here are GameInformer's favorite 10, in no particular order:

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zerofunction4251d ago

Its true, theres always a warehouse.

PureGamer4251d ago

good read, some were funny

Torch4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

It's interesting how, while reading the categories, I'd keep getting a bunch of flashbacks of different games that were just shoe-ins for these descriptions.

Hayabusa 1174250d ago

Exploding barrels. Why do villians adorn their base with highly dangerous barrles? Why are these barrels scattered throughout the compound, instead of in a safe storage? And why, oh, why do the enemies stand right next to them in big bunches? Oh well, it's fun, and it kills enemies, so I'm not complaining...