New Tekken 6 Screens Just As Ridiculous As The Last Ones

Namco Bandai hit us with a six-part combo of new Tekken 6 screen shots today, each more bear fight-filled and eye-laser packed than the last. Oh, it's Tekken alright. Crazy, insane Tekken. We really ought to run caption contests for these things, as whatever justification you, the reader, can provide as to why Paul would be striking a wild bear in the armpit with such force that it causes fireballs and tears in space, yet his hair remains unmolested and upright is better than Tekken 6's storyline.

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sonarus3595d ago

Is it just me or did the graphics get downgraded since going multiplatform

Microsoft must have paid them off

panasonic233595d ago

no it look better than tekken 5 dr that game was only on ps3

sonarus3595d ago

Yea but it doesn't look as good as the Tekken arcade (which runs on PS3 hardware)

Just so you know Tekken 5DR is a psp port...nice try though:D now go collect your MS salary since they are obviously paying you

Jinxstar3595d ago

Maybe it's just me but I am really starting to lose interest in this game... Don't know how it looked before but i believe you. Maybe it's not being able to install or something thats effecting it...

Israfel3595d ago

I'm mean half a decade, almost 5 years of developement for THIS?
I've always played tekken games, but this is unacceptable. There's 100's of games that look better, Alan wake, KZ2. etc.

Namco can GTFO.

na2ru13595d ago

Thanks to the limition of 360's "hardware", the DVD(i'm pretty sure it's a hardware), endings will be all toned down to real-time. No more Tekken style cgi endings.

kewlkat0073595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Don't worry there are plenty others that loose interest in games that have gone Multiplatform.

It's nothing new....on N4G.

I wonder what game is next..I remember everyone praising Tekken 6 against Virtua Fighter 5 on 360 after that game went platform.

Round and round we go..conspiracies and blames.

sonarus3595d ago

virtua fighter is an amazing fighter but i have always been more of a tekken fan. If virtua fighter six got announced i would bounce on it like a drug fiend that just spotted crack

Tony P3595d ago

I can understand the lost interest. They game suffers from over-exposure. It's been out in arcades since 2007 so people probably expect a short time to port. But realistically, Namco won't just do that without adding all those great extras and modes which actually make it worth owning on console.

dalibor3595d ago

Tony P hopefully they add tekken bowling(tekken tag), beachball mode(tekken 3) and that tag feature where up to 4 people can compete online(tekken tag). Hopefully these modes are in tekken 6 and mybe some new ones too.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3595d ago

98% of all multiplatform games come out bad on the PS3, MS sure pays off alot of people :)

InMyOpinion3595d ago

Why would the 360 be the cause of the downgrade when most multiplat versions of games perform worse on the PS3?

Logically the PS3 would be the problem.

Bnet3433595d ago

Tekken sucks even though I sort of enjoyed the PSP Tekken game. Now people stopped calling it the best fighting franchise ever. I'm glad.

GUNS N SWORDS3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

you want to see what the game looked like be for it was multiplat.


blame it on 360, lol, typical. did you know that SC4 was built on 360, yep it sure was......but, you didn't know that did you.

which is also why 360's version runs at a higher rez.

ThanatosDMC3595d ago

If these are official console shots, then yes it downgraded. I've played the arcade version back in Vegas and it looked better than the Tekken 5 we play on our PS3s.

The main boss is a lame dinosaur. It costs a lot per credit for the arcade version.

King owns ALL!

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yanikins1113595d ago

Reasons I Hate Tekken

1)Why the fireballs and lightening? Its over the top. It just doesnt "look right"

2)Lame characters. Is it Jin? the guy with big black wings? ok, rip that guy out of the game and make an rpg based on him with absolutely no references to tekken gameplay.... ok maybe a little bit on a mini game.... I WOULD BUY THAT! the guy looks freakin awesome and powerful. The other characters are meh. a wood man? a robot? some alien/samurai? the characters look neither intimidating or interesting compared to wing man... they are kinda.... joke-ish

3)Controls. Never liked them. Blah. I grew up with street fighter. tekken combos make no sense.

4) Special moves. Seen alot, cant remember them. Unimpressive and uninspiring.

Just my opinion, but damn I cant wait for street fighter 4....

ThanatosDMC3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

1. Most fighting games have some sort of thing like this so you could see the punch/kick connect.

2. Yes, i agree characters in the game are random but so are most if not all fighting games. Baracka (sp), what is he? The kangaroo in Tekken is by far the weirdest for me.

3. I grew up in Tekken controls. Street Fighter for me is weird. You have to move the stick several times to do Ryu's/Ken's uppercut.

4. Special Moves in Tekken or moves in Tekken for the most part are based off on actual fighting styles. Street fighter is flat and everybody has a projectile or is the projectile. The girl on that pic wearing white is a pain to fight online not as much as Eddie though.

Yes, im defensive about Tekken.

Helghast Slayer3595d ago

Another potential AAA game that has fallen short by going multiplat. Why people don't see that the 360 is holding this generation and devs back is beyond me.

RE5 with it's last gen gameplay, limited animations, atrocious controls and lack of character dialog, SC4 DLC because of lack of space on the dvd and many more reasons.

I hope you 360 people are happy. No really, you should congratulate yourselfs for helping M$ bring down game quality.

LTC3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

U hit the nail on the head

Thats why sony have first party devs that really show what the PS3 can do. An example KZ2 which is leagues beyond what the 360 is capable of.

3sq3595d ago

So true

GTA 4 Downgraded Checked
RE 5 Downgraded Checked
Tekken 6 Downgraded Checked
FF XIII downgraded Checked

360 man3595d ago

so RE5 is downgraded even tho it looks better on xbox

Kratos193595d ago

Yep, Microsoft have let down the gaming community once again.

3sq3595d ago

"so RE5 is downgraded even tho it looks better on xbox"

Because RE5 was not developed with PS3's architecture in mind.

and I think the PS3's version is a port.

If it was developed solely for PS3, well god knows.

Go and look at Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Lair(Graphic-wise), MGS4, GT Prologue, Ultimate Ninja Storm and of course Killzone 2.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3595d ago

Fallen short on the PS3 maybe, but thats the norm for multiplat games on the PS3. You know, bad frameates, jaggies, sound misses, and poor sales. but but teh cell, hey, wasn't this game a Playstation exclusive once? taste like droid anger XD

karlostomy3595d ago

Well, honestly!

By all accounts, it is the ps3 that is holding back the 360 in multiplats.

How embarrassing.

n to the b3595d ago

what a stupid, stupid comment Helghast Slayer. u r a turd.

last-gen gameplay with atrocious controls? the video I saw on XBL states the devs took a cue from GEARS and decided to offer movement while aiming WHICH DIFFERS FROM THEIR STANDARD CONTROLS THEY TOOK FROM RE4. so an xbox exclusive helped inspire better controls for RE5.

limited animations? let's look at other 360 3rd-person shooters (not all exclusive) that have great character animations: GEARS, Lost Planet, Dark Sector. so u look pretty stupid if you're trying to say the 360 can't handle proper character animations.

and did u defend the technically inferior PS2 vs original xbox last-gen? I bet u did. playstation fans who were in love with PS2 last-gen r silly if they try and claim the 360 is holding things back this-gen. all of a sudden that matters, when it didn't last-gen?

bubbles down for u, turd.

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Llort3595d ago

Wow.... The graphics are seriously lacking. This is what happens when you go multi-platform with a console that can't handle PS3 graphics.

Dragunov3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

tekken 5 dr online runs at 1080p 60fps flawlessly

I'm pretty sure that tekken 6 will run at 60 FPS too, not sure about the 1080p since the 360 can't do it :(

Good luck trying to play it with that cheap d-pad

marichuu3595d ago

Weren't most PS3 games running at 720p max?
I agree about the d-pad, it's terrible... I hated playing MK vs DCU because of it.
Might get Tekken 6 for the PS3, but the game still looks the same and outdated, and I'm not talking graphics, but general gameplay.

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