Wii A Great 2006 Memory

The Boston Business Wire reports that in to the annual Schneider/Stagnito Communications/IRI Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey, Nintendo's Wii ranks among the most memorable items of 2006. They note:

"This year's top 10 Most Memorable New Product Launches include innovations from trusted brands as well as products with new technology or distinct health benefits. Based on feedback from more than 1,000 consumers nationwide, 24 percent of consumers polled online reported KFC's Famous Bowls as the year's Most Memorable New Product Launch.

The remaining Top 10 2006 Most Memorable New Product Launches include: Nintendo Wii at 22 percent; Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Light Show at 19 percent; McDonald's Snack Wrap at 17 percent; Activia Yogurt at 11 percent; Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream at 11 percent; Gillette Fusion Power at 10 percent; Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers at 9 percent; Crest Whitestrips Renewal at 8 percent; and T.M.X. Elmo at 8 percent."

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PureGamer4276d ago

but it was still a good launch for them, they need more games :(

Torch4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

I remember that the Wii was all the rage in my household for probably a good month. But then the novelty soon wore off. Therefore, I can empathise with you about being bored of it.

Nevertheless, I can't help but have a soft spot for for the little guy, and I have absolutely no regrets purchasing it.

But lately, I've been using it for nothing more than surfing the net, weather updates, and (yes, I'll admit it!) Your Vote Counts.

That said, the Wii's on-screen keyboard make it quite easy and relatively quick to enter text browsing the net. As a matter of fact, a good number of my posts on this website last night were rendered via the Wii.

But as you said, they definitely a need for more games, and I just have this innate feeling that the once-hyped Wii Production Parade has ground to a screeching halt.

Nevertheless, I remain hopeful. Till then I guess I'm going to have to limit my activities to voting that my favorite colour is blue, and guessing that most people think there's life on Mars.

nicodemus4276d ago

But I hear it's a blast...

I can see how it might get a little boring though. At least you can download the old school nintendo games. I think that alone makes it a pretty worthy purchase--if I still had my nintendo 64, I'd go back and play Mario 64 or Ocarina of Time any day of the week...

PS360WII4276d ago

I see your point TOrchy how you may be bored of the game but sounds like your still using the Wii everyday? That's the apeal to it. I don't even need to get the paper anymore cuz I read the news on the Wii and I can check out the weather on it and yes I do vote too ^^. Plus I check out my e-mail and go to for some fun flash games. So yeah you don't need to play the games in order to have fun with the Wii it's that cool. But I did just get SSX that is a hard one to get use to but it's pretty fun and responcive sept for them dang uber moves... but yea all in all the Wii is the system everyone should have.

Torch4276d ago

It's probably limited to more like a couple of times a week.

I usually use the internet when the wife needs the PC to carry out her school work. Otherwise, I prefer the PC.

Nevertheless, the Wii's a quite capable and intuitive tool for browsing the net.

ChickeyCantor4276d ago

@ the posts above.

you all say "then the novelty soon wore off."
but thats with evry console.....atleast with me then.
untill there are no good games you go back to the good games( like in this house where i live we still play super smash brothers melee)

its not just the Wii, some friends of mine who have GOW for the 360, also claim they dont really play that game anymore.

but i know for sure, in a while when you havnt touched some games you will pick them up again and play them again, with joy.
( i remember when we got a PS2.....on day one we played on it for 2 hours and after that it collected dust, but now my brother is using the PS2 more then he ever did)

Torch4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

But the difference is the DURATION that the novelty (or interest in general) lasts.

Since aquiring my PS3 only a number of weeks after the Wii, I've been finding myself time and time again veering towards, and heavily preferring to play, the PlayStation. And my excitement for the PS3 only keeps growing, while my desire to switch on the Wii continues to wane.

A perfect case in point to demonstrate my fizzing interest is this website in particular. I've always leisurely navigated here from time to time, but only upon the release of the Wii did I start to make N4G my mainstay. And my bookmark wasn't to the website's home page; it was pointing directly to the Wii section, because that was all the rage for me at the time.

And now, to be quite honest, I seldom visit the Wii section unless I fall across a related article on the home page.

Regardless, as I said earlier, I absolutely adore my Wii and am happy that I purchased this innovative little machine, but it's not quite living up to the expectations I was hoping for as a game machine - while the PS3 is.

And of course, all of my yapping is purely subjective, and everyone's different; others may have the complete opposite opinion, which is absolutely fine.

cuco334276d ago

soon as the wii is loaded with fun titles people will be "un-bored" of it. i have the wii60pc combo and although the 360 is the dominant console i still play the wii more than pc (i used to do pc ONLY for a good 1-1.5 years). the great games are coming, be patient... it's the same way for the ps3 and future 360 titles, the great games will come