Glitches: A Multiplayer Gamer Re-Visits The Patched 'Gear of War 2'

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Our intern Sal Basile is back with the first of several pieces about cheaters, glitches and the highs and lows of multiplayer gaming. First, he's checking back in on the recently-patched "Gears of War 2" to see how things are going."

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3541d ago

Yep,Gears of War 2,Team Fortress 2,and many others.

"Have you ever picked up a game again after hearing everything has been patched?"

Nope,if I spend 60 bucks and I get a horrendous experience,I'm returning the game and spending that 60 bucks on a game that actually works.

rbluetank3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

the writer ask his friend how the game after the patch. why don't he play the game his self or watch his friend play the game. his friend is only has two bar. i have put more time into the game then his friend. i am rank three bars and people are still shield glitch and ect... the grenade protection after respawn is iffy at best. i died more times then i was spared. Epic has not successfully fixed anything in my time playing after the patch. Epic or writters who writes that gears2 is fix should create a video instead of just flatout story telling. Epic will not nor writter of such bullshiat. side note. my 360 is dead now. it died of "open tray disease". people were glitching their butts off in the last couple of games i played on gears2. i have 50 of 57 achievements. i will never buy the new map so gears2 is complete as far as i am concern.