GameSpy: Space Reform: What Mass Effect 2 Needs

Now that it's been made official, GameSpy figured it would be a great time to start thinking about what they woul like to see in Mass Effect 2, aside from more graphic "relations" between Commander Shepard and the ship's crewmembers. So, here's a look at what their Mass Effect-playing editors demand to see in the sequel.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3637d ago

It needs to run great on both consoles,I don't want ANY excuses as to why the Ps3 version isn't up to par with the 360 version.

It's 2009 and not 2007,if you can't get it to run flawlessly on both HD platforms then don't even bother.

lord_of_balrogs3637d ago

Ya, it hasn't been confirmed for the PS3 only the 360 and PC. Take your drivel elsewhere.

Mass Effect uses the a very highly modified version of the Unreal Engine 3 designed especially for PC like hardware. If there was a port, porting that over to the PS3 will result in defenite problems to the frames per second and it would have tearing.

I can say that MGS4 can be going to the 360 but until it does I am wrong. Same applies to Mass Effect.

panasonic233637d ago

lol the game only for xbox/pc not ps3

panasonic233637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

mass effect 2 is a launch title for xbox 720

McMee3637d ago

The original ME is one of my favorite games this gen, so Im damn excited for ME2. I honestly just want the ME trilogy to stay exclusively 360/pc so I can have something to undoubtedly look forward to playing on my 360 in the not so distant future. Oh and I do believe that it will have some kind of Wii spin off before theres a complete port to the ps3 of the two games because whats one without the other. Now for my personal wishes and wants list for the sequel

-60fps (or at least very consistent)
-More diversity in explorable locations
-More squad control in combat