Sessler's Soapbox: Killzone Mailbag

G4TV writes: "Wow.

This week on the Soapbox, Adam is angry. And you won't like him when he's angry. He's angry at those of you who took it upon yourselves to comment on X-Play's review of Killzone 2, and he's about to call you out one by one.

If you watch one Sessler's Soapbox this year, make it this one."

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Jager3544d ago

So, whats he saying? <-- Deafy cant hear nothin :'(

Kamikaze1353544d ago

Basically fanboys said that Adam was forced to give Killzone 2 a 5/5 on his review because he didn't like it. Adam posted that vidio to say that he enjoyed the game and gave it an honest review. Then he basically goes on to tell fanboys who complain about it to stfu and to suck it, lmao

MasFlowKiller3544d ago

The Only problem i have with his review is his statement that the ps3 had not games up to killzone, which is just stupid

Timberland2K93544d ago

They would be stuck if they tried to answer that question

PS3 has games Great ones infact

If you know ps3 has great games press agree!

If not you must not own one and feel free to press disagree

rroded3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

still funny hearing em go to bits over this. Swearing at them like a hed a high school kid. IMO hes doing worst than the guys who posted...

ThanatosDMC3544d ago

This guy is such a douche.

Rockstar3544d ago

I noticed that also.

More so Morgan

"Good news Playstation 3 Owners, you finally have something to spend your money on besides Heavenly Sword action figures and anti-depressants..."

Seems like a pretty bold statement from reviewers that apparently don't have and kind of bias.
Is it supposed to be sarcasm or a joke?
IDK but it sure sounds biased to me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Be your own reviewer.

Also, I enjoyed this episode. Calling out FB's is a whole lotta fun!

I was looking forward to hearing pp's comment though.

soljah3544d ago

you know for some reason even when Sessler is talking serious and trying to make a point. he still comes across as a whinny little twerp. grow up all ready, behave like a real adult TV personality.

Blaze9293544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

ROFL @ 04:33

"Joe...Joe....You Delusional ****"

hahahahahah, Joe got OWNED!

morganfell3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Sessler can say what he wants but Xplay's own reviews make him a liar:

Talk about a playground for euphemisms. Listen to the remarks at the beginning of both reviews and tell me they are even remotely related. Listen to the entire reviews and stop right before they award scores.

Rockstar said it and he is dead on. If that gimp Sessler is such an idiot that he doesn't get it then that is his own shortcoming and no amount of board postings, intelligent or not will make one iota difference.

I seriously doubt Sessler or his faithful companion Tonto the hooker have much say so in actual scores. But it is possible that she and her oblivious kemosabe may control the content.

It is fairly obvious why much of the review seems mocking. I can picture some guy off camera pointing a gun at them.

Sessler fails to grasp the import of the question, "When is a 5 not a 5?"

What does he do? He just calls people fanboys and says they are obviously deluded. I also like how he attacks other site's review systems but his is obviously perfect. A fine bit of jackassery.

If Sessler visited this board I would have one thing to say. Shut up already. I do not know if he is the worst kind of hypocrite or not. The worst kind being those that are full cognizant of their actions. I only know that he is indeed a charlatan. As such there isn't really anything a 30-something high school nerd has to say that is remotely beneficial unless it is the phrase "Goodbye world"

And I love how Webb mentions the spiking difficulty of rail shooting but never how old such game mechanics are. And rail shooting is frankly a fairly worn implement. Does that mean it can't be enjoyable as in Gears 2? No. But rail shooting gets a pass. Nothing new but let's not say anything about that. Let's heap praise on the multiplayer and not mention the rampant glitches. And let's not even discuss that in the midst of this planet wide battle it's a skimpy 5 on 5. Does that really feel like a battle for humanity's survival?

Of course that can be forgiven, which apparently is not the case of FPS titles.

I guess the fact that Xplay, like so many other sites feel that FPS titles have all been done before, it will be interesting to watch what happens when titles like Fear 2 fail to evolve into Second Person Shooter games or whatever the hell they are supposed to be.

Too bad Halo Wars will be just another isometric view ho hum strategy title. I don't think it will but apparently if a game is using a mechanic that has been around that long and relatively unchanged then it must be doing something wrong.

jib3544d ago

might have missed it but how is he attacking another websites rating system exactly?
he does call those people fanboys but weren't they fanboys?

BattleAxe3544d ago

I think Adam was talking to all the XBOX fanboys on N4G who I'm sure we all know who those specific people are.

FrankenLife3544d ago

He calls out all the fanboy comments made on his site, but doesn't call out Morgan's fanboy intro to the review. That's BS.

Why are some of you disagreeing with guy stating that he is deaf? srsly?

SRU96003544d ago

"Good news Playstation 3 Owners, you finally have something to spend your money on besides Heavenly Sword action figures and anti-depressants..."

Ouch! lol

That is classic, but they must have known that firing that kind of shot across the bow would REALLY stir the SDF up.

L-a-i-n3543d ago

Did you people really "Disagree" with Jager because he said he was deaf??? I don't know much about the guy, but dang you people need to grow up. A line from Sessler fits well here.

"Sit down and take a deep breath.. and while your mouth is open, shove your @#$! in it. That way I don't have to hear from you, and you can finally find a little satisfaction."

People are freakin sad!

Jager3542d ago

Thx lain, no idea whats with all the disagrees... i have no idea what sessler said, cause im deaf, so i go and ask on here what he said, and these racists bomb me with disagrees as if im Saddam approuching the UN HQ?

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sonarus3544d ago

I am not usually a Sessler fan i think i have watched 2 of these in my lifetime including this one.

ALl i have to say is STANDING OVATION. That was on point. Fanboys are getting worse, it was funny and cool to be a fanboy at one time but now its a way of life for some people. Some people are allergic to 360/PS3 now.

You guys need to chill complaining about a perfect score. Do you want 11/10. OMG IGN gave gears 2 .1 score better than KZ2
PS3 fanboys: IGN is super biased despite the fact that they give PS3 games higher scores than most
X360 fanboys: AAAH Gears 2 is 0.1 better ahhhh
Wii fanboys: Still a myth lol

mintaro3544d ago

Was spot on, and ovation is indeed deserved.

OGharryjoysticks3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

He was roasting IGN for being guilty of simply dishing flame-bait with the whole how can anyone honestly score to the tenth of a point.

IGN isn't as cool as this dude :)

Jinxstar3544d ago

i still feel Xplay has a lot of Bias no matter what they say. I remember when XBL got RE5 demo a week early. They would not stop saying it for like 4 days.... not that big a deal imo... Blair Hurter is always making horrible jokes about PS3 that really get to me and morgan just laughs... Not a fan much I believe sessler is unbiased but many people on G$ including Kevin Pererra and Blair are openly Biased and therefore the site loses cred imo...

I think the game will be good and don't care much but everyone has a favorite of anything. Book, Console, movie or whatever. They are allowed to have an opinion but they don't need to share it.

RememberThe3573544d ago

Go onto the G4 forums or comments and see some of the dump sh*t that gets posted there. It makes the fanboys here look like a congregation of philosophers.

Dark General3544d ago

His Sessler Soapboxes are all usually pretty good. I didn't like him at first, too cheesy. But i listened to some things he said and now i like him.

chanto233544d ago

but all this stupid discussions about .1, .2 points etc etc was brought by that dude from Microsoft who said in the past E3 that the 360 had the better games cause they had a higher metacritic score which to me is BS. 360 has the Orange Box and so does the PS3 ...the Orange Box is the Orange box anywhere it goes...Bioshock is Bioshock on the PS3, 360, gameboy, DS, etc etc you get my point. And i hear people say PS3 fanboys talk too much...well you have to consider all the trash talk they had to take from xbox fanboys on 2006-2007...

thebudgetgamer3544d ago

When Jack Thompson is trying to destroy the game industry we all have a deep stake in.

Its Adam Sessler that's always there to step up to the plate to fight on all our behalves.

I do believe as a whole X-play is more Microsoft centric, but i still find it entertaining and they have the interviews and exclusive game videos i want to see.

As for Morgan she has that really dry humor i guess most people don't get.


The Lazy One3544d ago

Orange box is a horrible... HORRIBLE example.

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Kamikaze1353544d ago

Man, Adam really hit the nail on that one. I can't understand why people feel the absolute need to point out something like a 1/10th difference in a review score...well, they probably have nothing better to do with their time since it makes no sense to even argue about that.

However, people will still post on G4's boards and swear Adam was paid by Microsoft to say those things, lol. This is why I can't stand most people - they enjoy and feel that's it's absolutely necessary to take words somebody spoke and twist them to conjure something totally different and pointless.

I love how he just told fanboys to stfu and suck it, lol. I hope ALL fanboys take something out of that video and quit defending corporations like their lives depend on it.

PirateThom3544d ago

Hell, I don't even know why people point out a full point of a difference.

Or hell, even 5 points.

It a game rated 90 rather than 95 somehow unplayable now?

Sarcasm3544d ago

"It a game rated 90 rather than 95 somehow unplayable now? "

Exactly. Uncharted is what, 88 on metacritic but to me it was an amazing game.

And it wouldn't have made it any less amazing if it was a 70 on metacritic.

The problem today though, the whole "points" issue is because of fanboys. "OMG, Killzone 2 sucks because it's only 93 on metacritic and Gears of War 2 is 94! In your face! PS3 sucks, has no games, and HD-DVD will win!"

PirateThom3544d ago

Anytime someone points out Metascores. Uncharted is a fine example for why it's bogus. The other example is Valkyria Chronicles.

Two fantastic games, where scores really don't tell the story.

N4PS3G3544d ago

LOL ..those guys got owned!

itchy183544d ago

LOL! this is a good one!