IGN: Sad News: An Xbox 360 Obituary

IGN writes: "Today, sadness grips the IGN office. An Xbox 360 retail unit, designate 55005, the eldest unit still standing at IGN, perished. Victim to the dreaded Three Red Lights syndrome, our bravest warrior has died. We spoke with the owner of the fallen 360, Colin Moriarty, for a first-hand account of the horrific moment."

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sevchenko3638d ago

KZ2 demo will be up any time

Poor BOT and his crap console


sunnygrg3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Colin Moriarty?? I shot him in the head in Fallout 3!!

Even the PS2 is more reliable than the 360.

mxdan3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )


My friend got his first red ring because his graphics processor failed a week ago. He got a new one and it scratched the sh*t out of his halo 3 disk. I kinda feel bad for him =/...

But I convinced him to try out the ps3.

caffman3637d ago

Heeeeeessss baaaaaaack! again

theKiller3637d ago

all 360s which was made in the first 1.5 years will die, and thats more than 10 million, and the other remaining consoles half of them will die!! so if u think of it only 20% of the consoles will survive during 3 years span.

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hippo243638d ago

Damn It you PS3 fanies are quick, couldn't even get my comment in before it was XBOX bashing time...ohh well let the flame war commence

Ok so what makes this any diffrent then my friends Xbox dying last month, or my Asus motherboard frying.

iamtehpwn3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Do NOT flip your 360 like that. It generates heat at the bottom speeding up your chances of RROD significantly. Have it Stand upright.

Really, all consoles should sit straight up to generate less Heat, but 360 is more prone to over heat.

Link image shows what I do to never get RROD. It's No Joke, either, It's TERRIBLE inconvient, but I've had my 360 for 2 years with no problems. Next to it, my Ps3.

PataponKnight3638d ago

Well its a good thing they use Sony computers, no worries there.

Kushan3638d ago

Dude...seriously..get a life.
Go outside or something, leave the basement you so obviously spend too much of your free time in, go meet a few girls (or boys, whatever takes your fancy, the point is you could do with some social stimulation), get high, have a drink, do whatever you feel like, but whatever you do - do it somewhere else, N4G has enough idiots with far too much free time on their hands.

sevchenko3638d ago

what an embarrassment

all this especially during the time of KZ2's release

Halo wars if u have noticed is completely KILLZOWNED and so are other games releasing in February

Timberland2K93638d ago

maybe they will give killzone 2's graphics a 10 now

the fanboys grief

Can't wait to download KZ2 :)

Aclay3638d ago

Let us all pause in a moment of silence in the case of this tragic event.

And in the words of Undertaker: "REST..... IN..... PEEAAACE".

The Killzone 2 Effect at IGN's offices just couldn't be contained any longer!

no-spin3638d ago

i got a laptop cooler beneath mine
really pathetic

Morgan Webb of Lies3638d ago

lighten up man he's just joking

maybe you should do some of those things you mentioned, you know, to help with those hurt feelings you have

i take narcotics when my feelings are hurt

StayHigh3638d ago

this is the reason why to get the ps3..

eagle213638d ago

I wonder if that's the one they nuked in the

prunchess3638d ago

Funny article. Made me laugh! Must forward the link to my mates! Just loved this bit -

"IGN: Tell us something no one else knew about your 360, something that would honor its short life.

Colin Moriarty: All 360s are way too loud, but this 360 brought it to a whole new level. It was like a jet engine. I'd like to think it was extra vocal because it liked us."

Absolute Classic!

soxfan20053638d ago

"Real consoles don't die"?

So, I guess the PS1 and PS2 are not real consoles either.

Or the Wii for that matter - the only defective console I've ever bought.

red5ive3637d ago

his name is Colin Moriarty? As in the character from Fallout 3? LOL. Anyways yeah........ RROD sucks man.

SL1M DADDY3637d ago

All early 360's will die sooner or later and a percentage of the new ones will enter into the same fate. I have had 5 of them and if it were not for the great games and in-store warranty, I would have given up entirely.

legionx3637d ago

Wtf does killzone have to do with this story?

Andrewww3637d ago

You leave me somewhere between complete incomprehension and respect for your stamina.
If a device dies on me once I'm already pissed off, but okay, you can allow for it to just happen sometimes. But, if this happened again, I'd be so far off this thing and the people producing it, because I think they just owe us reliable stuff for our money.
E.g. my first iPhone just isn't properly working (camera dead since I got it) so I'll get it back to the shop to get a new one. But if it dies again, it'll probably be my last iPhone, cause there's enough other good stuff out there.

I do believe this natural selection approach "only the good devices survive" does make sense.
How can you take this given there are reliable alternatives?
How can you let MS get away with it?

slinkey1233637d ago


You will get it one day. Its not just heat that causes RROD, its the way the 360 is designed. The X Clamp that holds the GPU heatsink in place is put on that tight that it starts to bend the motherboard away from the actual GPU. Heat obviously speeds it up though :P

Ive had RROD twice, 1st time i sent it back to M$, 2nd time i fixed it myself. I fixed it by replace the X Clamp with bolts and washers. So far so good, its been a month and ive had no problems so far.

thats_just_prime3637d ago

IGN is so bias it isnt even funny

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outlawlife3638d ago

and yet people say ign is biased toward 360

cryymoar3638d ago

it's easy to be biased on the opinion of a video game or a console.
fortunately the death of an xbox 360 console is not a matter of opinion but a fact.

Unicron3638d ago

Honestly, with comments like those of Morgan Webb in the KZ2 review, I'm amazed people DON'T think the media is biased one way or another. Business is shady and underhanded. News is shady, biased, and underhanded. Politics are shady, broken and underhanded. Now all of a sudden we expect game journalism to be a shining bastion of integrity and honesty? An arm of journalism that has ZERO sense of ethics or quality control as a whole due to it being the new kid on the block in terms of media coverage. I just don't follow that logic at all. (And this isn't aimed at you, just people's reaction in general that it's all a "conspiracy.")

And this isn't news anyways, it's a fluff joke article. It's not like they even seriously discuss the issue of 360's dying. If anything, this shows how little many of these sites actually have to write about. When they DO try to write something with substance, such as a game deconstruction, it's ignored, since it doesn't have a score attached to it.

Fozzy253638d ago

What did she say in the X-Play review? I don't take X-Play too seriously at the best of times, but they gave it 5/5 so can't complain.

Morgan Webb of Lies3638d ago

what comments?

i was honestly too high to remember lol

StayHigh3638d ago

um what does this have to do with being bias?? there 360 died i would report it too.even if i was a 360 fanboy..

Unicron3638d ago

Prefacing a "professional review" with "Rejoice PS3 owners, you finally have something to spend your money on besides Heavenly Sword action figures and anti-depressants..." is frankly, pathetic. Especially considering the source, who was quick to praise titles last year such as MGS4 and LBP.

They can't even stay consistent with their insults.

beavis4play3638d ago

i don't know ANYONE who thinks this.

Fozzy253638d ago

Wow what a strange thing to say. Might have made some sense in the middle of 2007 but it really makes no sense now.

outlawlife3637d ago

i meant biased toward ps3, seems everytime a ps3 game gets a low score on ign people say they are a 360 site

Unicron3637d ago

Yeah, that I cannot stand. That's one of the many reasons why scoring is broken. The scale is now, for some reason, 8.5 = flop and 10 = ok but should have been an 11. What happened to 1 - 8? Ah well, I just guess I'll never understand.

clintos593637d ago

I mean come on man give the guy a break. As much as people say the ps3 is too hard to develope for and cost too much, one thing I can say for sure is the ps3 is one heck of a reliable system. In the end thats all thaT COUNTS to me because I can play my games with out worrying my system wont fail on me.

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Llort3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Xbox does what it does best:


Sony avoided this problem entirely by making reliable hardware that isn't assembled from pieces they find at the Garbage dump.

I believe it's not a problem with heat at all, but on the contrary, I think the Xbox 360 is alive and has a mind of its own and just pities its own existence and thus decides to commit suicide and self-terminate.

Save the Xbox 360's make them think they're worth something people.