Eurogamer: Resident Evil 5 Hands-On

Set ten years after the events of the original game, Resident Evil 5 opens with Chris Redfield barrelling through the African savannah on his way to meet with a contact. He's now working for the BSAA, or Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, and is investigating reports that Umbrella's viral weapons have ended up in the hands of African ne'er-do-wells. Arriving in a small town, he's met by Sheva Alomar, his pert and lovely African counterpart from the BSAA and the second playable character for the new co-op based gameplay design.

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ape0073640d ago

can't wait for this

day 1 buy

but am afraid I get killzoned and forget this one

LightningPS3PS33640d ago

The game doesn't sound so good, just the enemies and the pacing described took me back to Resident Evil 4 too much and seemed too typical.

Toward the end, he makes some interesting points about racism. I personally, don't give a damn about racism. But, I sorta see it also, and it just makes me laugh.

zach19803640d ago

iv played all the resident evils, iv got resident evil 4 and code veronica both fantastic games, i see no different why this one should be any less fun,