Joystiq hands-on: DC Universe Online (pre-alpha)

You will not play DC Universe Online as a licensed hero or villain. You'll create your own character, inspired by or dissimilar to the familiar NPCs you'll see soaring and tromping around Metropolis and Gotham. While SOE wasn't ready to show Joystiq the full breadth of the game's character creation system, creative director Jens Andersen did fill them in on the basics: you choose (a) a super power; (b) the source of that power; (c) a movement mode; and (d) an initial ability (you unlock more as you level up). For example, Green Lantern would answer: (a) light; (b) ring; (c) flight; and (d) strong will power. Or the Flash: (a) electricity; (b) hands and feet; (c) speed; and (d) fast metabolism.

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