BID: Fable 2 Review


"The first Fable game is known just as well for its list of unfulfilled promises as its solid and fun game play. Fable 2 finally delivers on some of those promises but still fails to revolutionize RPGs as we know them.

It has a much longer quest, more satisfying side quests, and more consequences for your actions. The graphics take a notable jump thanks to better hardware and combat mechanic is much simpler and more intuitive. Also, and this is most important, it is just flat out more fun. But there are still areas of improvement most notably in the glitch department."

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Yo Mama3540d ago

WTF is up with this person submitting all these old ass reviews from this generic blog?

Can't find any current news to submit so they dig through the trash and find some months old blog about video games and try to get them submitted? LAME!!

The people who are approving this mess should be ashamed and have their contributor status revoked.