BID: Mirror's Edge Review

Mirror's Edge is listed on EA's site as a First Person Action-Adventure game, but really it is a First Person Platformer. Set in the future you play as a "runner" named Faith. Runners live just outside the law by delivering packages for their employers without the normal over site and regulations of standard delivery services.

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Hooded Vendetta3544d ago

Good review, enjoyed reading and I think it was spot on. Fair comments and Fair score.

Yo Mama3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

WTF is up with this person submitting all these old ass reviews from this generic blog?

Can't find any current news to submit so they dig through the trash and find some months old blog about video games and try to get them submitted? LAME!!

The people who are approving this mess should be ashamed and have their contributor status revoked.