Strong Industry Results for Sony Computer Entertainment Australia in 2008

7.45 million PlayStation games sold in 2008. 460,000 PS3 consoles now in Australian homes, 50% connected and enjoying the benefits of the free PlayStation Network.

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nostalgic_noob3570d ago

2009 will be an even bigger year since the ps3 will get a price cut and more exclusive games will come out this year.Not only that but people who are just getting a ps3 will now be able to expirence all the amazing games already out for the ps3.

sevchenko3570d ago

2009 will see SONY dominating with their killer lineup

Liquid Snake3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

So the PS3 is only 60K units behind in Australia, despite the Xbox being released 1 year before, and costing $150-250 AUS more.

Clap Clap Clap Aaron Greenburg.

Snow3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

No one can resist the dark side.

sevchenko3570d ago

PS3 also ahead of x360 in the pal region

what a tool Greenturd. he even said that x360 was ahead of ps3 in PAL /europe

in reality ps3 surpassed x360 in Pal region ages ago

also all games bombed on x360 in europe

i think all x360s are traded in for ps3/wii in europe

Aaron Greenterd3570d ago

what are you saying? that i'm a liar?

bu bu but i thought you guys liked riding my fail train??

i guess i will have to try hardar

ps. i've recently been Killzowned, so don't expect anything out of me until sometime in June.


TheMART3570d ago

"sales for the year by platform was achieved across the three PlayStation formats - selling over 7.45 million units."

As I'm reading that its for PSP, PS2 and PS3. The rest of the data is specific PS3. But one could think that its only PS3 software sales, which they aren't alone.

sevchenko3570d ago

also PS3 launched a year and a half after x360 there

PS3 outsold x360 in australia for the year of 2008

ps3 has a lead over x360 in the PAL region

pswi603570d ago

ps3 software sales were up 192% from 07 to 08

and in 09 it will just continue

hard to have 360 software sales continue without games eh?

oh wait, im sure gears 3 and fable 3 are in the works

Helghast Slayer3570d ago

Nice to here sony is doing good down here in the AUS. Well i've done my part in purchasing most exclusives.

Bathyj3570d ago

Over 15 of them are mine.

You're welcome Sony.

no-spin3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

the PS brand can not be successful without the support from VALVEeeeee
at least that is what the fatso thinks lol

the cream rises to the top
too bad for the biased media,developers (valve), fanboys, even cnn money got in the biased business.

congrats Sony, keep up the good work

that is a LOT of money!

sevchenko3570d ago

you mean EA which posted 613 million dollar loss due to the flopping of games on x360 worldwide

d_dogg20073570d ago

What goes around comes around. Can't treat people like idiots and give them shoddy ports of games we don't like and get away with it. Only xbox gamers buy cr*p games from EA because they were stupid enough to buy an xbox in the first place.

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