NY Bill Would Require Retail Seizure Warnings For Games

G4TV Reports: "Just what does the state of New York have against gaming anyway? Last week we brought word that their government is trying to pass a "Warning Labels For Games" law requiring "mature" titles to bear a sticker warning that the game may contain incest and bestiality. And now this: Democratic Assemblyman Steve Englebright is trying to pass a law requiring retailers to post a warning sign that games can cause seizures in people with epilepsy."

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jack who3545d ago

um games already have this?

UnSelf3545d ago

i lived here all my life and praised this city like it has no equal but now this Paterson guy is startin to get to me

IllusionRSN3545d ago

Your not the only one who has been complaining about him.

IllusionRSN3545d ago

Apparently it's not a law in that state.