TheGamersTemple: Twin Strike: Operation Thunder - Review


"I'm not above loving games that are merely ok. I've really enjoyed a few of the ones that are widely considered to be "bad" games, most recently TimeShift and Frontlines: Fuel of War. But there is just no excuse for what you'll find in this latest disappointment on Nintendo's money-printing system. Almost nothing goes right in the game aside from the fact that when you turn the Wii on, the console can read and play the game of the disc. If that sounds harsh, it is; there is no excuse for saddling unsuspecting gamers with products this bad. The game will sell because of it's position of store shelves with the rest of the ultra-hot system's software, but I'd be willing to guess that there isn't a single person in the entire world who could suck any joy from this disaster of a game. Stay away from this one."

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