1UP: Most Wanted Wii Games of 2009

While you might consider the Wii to be that "baby game system," both developers and gamers can't ignore its phenomenal success. What's encouraging is that this year especially looks good for gamers who want to play more than bubbly party games on the system.

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3546d ago
PS360WII3546d ago

Nice list. Lots of games to buy for the Wii this year :)

TheFreak3546d ago

yep 2009 is looking really good. 2008 was not that great had some good titles, but 2009 FTW!!

SinnedNogara3546d ago

The Conduit should be Number 1, and No More Heroes 2 doesn't come out until next year. Other than that FTW!!!

PoisonousPoison3546d ago

Yeah!!! :D Though really Wii sports resort -.-' I would have added Oneechanbara to that instead of Wii sports resort, but that's my personal opinion. Anyway less than a week away till I can get that game :D.