Headstrong Games Proves Nintendo Lets Crap Slip Through

Bend Games writes:

"In a new video documentary for House of the Dead: Overkill, there was a brief mention about how Headstrong Games was given full control over what they could do with the Nintendo Wii and what kind of content they could push into the game. They also mention that Nintendo never turned down any of the mature themes that appear in the game, meaning that they do get a say-so on the crap that gets put into third-party games."

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Voiceofreason3547d ago

Of course they let it through. Why would they want to stop something that helped the PS1 and PS2 to be so successful? One persons crap game is another persons favorite title. Several Rugrats titles and many other casual kids games outsold many hardcore PS2 games. Did anyone not have fun playing God of War 2 because tons of crap games outsold it? I doubt it.

Product3547d ago

im with Voice on this one,its the publisher who has say and most last year were saying"we dont think that could sell on wii because its not a party game" this year will be a different story though.

Smacktard3547d ago

Voiceofreason, you always make so much sense.

Also, if Nintendo denied or turned down some games, a HUGE fuss would be kicked up, and software makers would definitely boycott the console and create bad media.

Does anyone remember that guy that got turned down to create a Wiiware game? That one independant guy with a bunch of terrible flash games on his website? He kicked up a huge fuss, and that was just ONE guy. Imagine the negative publicity they'd got.

All of that aside, shovelware is a plague.

Gr813547d ago

Enough, I remember hearing these same things spoken of the DS as well. once the 3rd year hit it was like the floodgates were let open. I'm still baffled how this whole shovelware argument being bad for gaming still has legs. Every market leading console has had crap on the system, it comes with the territory.