Mystic Mine Released

Koonsolo has announced the release of Mystic Mine, a new family friendly action title. In the game players guide a gold car through a mine to complete a variety of objectives, switching rails with a single button. Although the car only travels down, an optic illusion in the levels allows players to reach every point. Mystic Mine features over 200 levels, a variety of missions, single button gameplay, and up to six players playing on one keyboard.

Play over 200 levels with different missions and powerups. The missions include picking up coins, bring diamonds to tunnels, racing to flags, etc. By colliding into another car, you can steel diamonds and other valuables, or pass the dynamite before it explodes. Various pickups modify your behaviour: a balloon makes you go up but not down, a ghost allows you to move through everything, ... . But whatever you do, avoid the dynamite!!!

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