STP Review: Grind

SlideToPlay writes: "In Grind, you skateboard for a fixed period of time in a square skate park. You are given the option of customizing your own version of the park, using a poorly executed editing feature. You might be tempted to use this, but you should not, as it is impossible to build a decent skate park. The controls are touch based: you hit the GO button to move, the up arrow to jump, and the numbers 1, 2 and 3 to do a trick. Turning is controlled via accelerometer. And it's much, much worse to play than that sounds. Your skater is a pile of polygons with no relation to real-world physics, for whom landing a trick is like making a full-sized house out of toothpicks: a nearly impossible dream. Did you read the part just now where we mentioned how there were only three different trick buttons? Combined with the rotation you can achieve via turning you iDevice while in air, that gives you about four tricks to perform, which would be okay if they were executed well. Rest assured, they are not done well here."

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