Editorial: Should Xbox LIVE Be Free?

Heated debate usually flares up between PS3 owners and Xbox 360 owners when they argue over their respective online services. There are pros and cons to each service. PS3 users tout that PSN is free and offers enough features to satisfy the average gamer. Xbox owners scoff that they rather pay a paltry $30-60/year for a service that isn't broken like PSN. Who do you side with? Should online play be free like it traditionally has been on PC and PS3? Or would you rather pay an annual fee for Xbox LIVE?

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thebudgetgamer3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

ps3 owners will say no you shouldnt because psn and pc is free.
360 owners will say its worth it and that psn sucks.


ape0073541d ago


you are right man

ASSASSYN 36o3541d ago

Well he did speak the truth with that one. +bubbles.

OGharryjoysticks3541d ago

Once PSN has a couple 3rd parties up and running in Home with unique sites, Live will be made free

Wife Of The Bad Guy3541d ago

Does it need to be more streamlined?Yes.

Is it broken?No.

Good article,it's always great to see an Xbox site willing to step back and take a look at both HD consoles.Same applies to Ps3 sites that aren't full of Sony hyperbole.

GiantEnemyCrab3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Haven't we beat this horse into a fine glue powder now?

Not going to argue and go thru this sh*t again.

PS3 Fanboy: "Your getting ripped off, blah blah blah PS3 is bestest!"

360 Fanboy: "I don't mind paying for live, blah blah blah it's a superior service!"

I don't see why we have to go thru the same argument once a week.

Sky Zero3541d ago

No it shouldn't it gets 360 owners more than others.

Going on logic of posts.

That XBL money got us FF13, Resident Evil 5, Star Ocean4 exclusivity, GTAIV:Lost and the Damned, Fallout3 DLC, and every other desperate thought that can come to mind including the MS payroll.

XBL you see $$$ at work. Netflix, NXE update, exclusive content, and games.

I'm sure the PsN gets a fair amount of coin from purchases...but do you see the $$$ at work? At most you got the Half Ass Edition of Home and an in game XMB that should of dropped at launch...because I swear I saw a video with the in game XMB before the Ps3 even released.

NaiNaiNai3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

all for 26cents a day people. if you can't afford that, you can't afford food.