Computer chips may 'repair' nerve

Researchers have moved closer to making silicon chips which could one day be used to repair damaged tissue in the human body.

Edinburgh University has developed a technique, which allows neurons to grow in fine, detailed patterns on the surface of tiny computer chips.

Neurons are the basic cells of the human nervous system.

The scientists said the development may eventually enable chips to replace damaged nerve or muscle fibres.
They also said the development could possibly be used in the development of prosthetics in the future.
During the chip manufacturing process, the scientists printed patterns on the smooth silicon surface.

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Chris3993546d ago

I'll post it via link, if I can find anything.

If it's grown from a computer, it also doesn't violate anyone's religious beliefs as well, and can be used for neural regeneration without moral qualms. (I'm liberal and a Buddhist - if I had to choose a philosophy, but I still respect other people and their faiths.)