How do you feel about Dead Space on Wii?

That Gaming Site writes: "Did you hear? Dead Space is coming to Wii! Yes despite the publicity Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop has received, EA have been bold enough to pull a similar stunt with Dead Space. It is an announcement that has been met with some anxious reactions and such reactions are easily justified."

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ape0073543d ago

be happy wii fans,you got an awesome game

I trust EA lately,they've done a great job with mirror's edge and dead space(except the carrpy nfs:undercover)

PS360WII3543d ago

Indeed Wii owners should be happy with this move. I can see it working out well on the system.

Counter_ACT3543d ago

I don't care, I've played it already.

Rockstar3543d ago

Downside is the lack of surround to really submerse you in the game.

3543d ago
Wife Of The Bad Guy3543d ago

The hell is wrong with you ^,first you complain Wii has nothing but casual trash,then when a hardcore game is announced for the Wii it's a stupid move?

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The story is too old to be commented.